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went to Western Germany. In yesterday's
daylight raids by the Americans on
targets in S.W. Germany 42 German
fighters were shot down for a loss of
2 bombers and 7 fighters.
The pounding of the North ....
coast went on yesterday when 7.50
planes took part. Sloops of the Royal
navy have sunk 2 u-boats of which
one Northwest of the Azores.
In the Kirowograd sector the Russians
advanced up to 55 miles in some
sectors and captured 120 places
In the Kyef bulge Watoetin's forces are
still succesfull. Wissof (spelling?)
inside the 1939 Polish border has been
captured and his forces are within 30
miles of the .... line which runs from
Odessa through Poland to Germany
German losses are extremely heavy
and a great deal of .... has been
captured. In the other sectors of the
Russian fronts reconnaissance
activity and mortar and artillery
exchanges take place. Japanese
troopcarrying barges near New 
original text 0390    fort Watoetin read Vatutin  Vatutin 
  original text 0410       
  original text 0409       
  original text 0408       
  original text 0407       
  original text 0406       
30-12-1943. 6.= pm. Fred Dryswood.
Over 2000 tons of bombs were dropped on
Berlin last night 
original text 0379       
on the French Riviera near Cannes
which was also bombed 6 weeks ago
from this country.
Flying Fortresses of the NW African
force did this now.
Our mediumbombers have been
to Civitavecchia whereas our
fighters attacked Tirana, the
Albanian capital.
2 enemy planes were destroyed
and not one of ours is missing.
About Russia the German
communiqué agrees that
South of the Lower Dnjepr the Russians
have broken through their lines.
The Russians reported the
capture of 200 places in this
area which means that the
Crimea is almost completely
isolated. The Russians reached
the Dnjepr below Nikopol
........ of equipments fell in
Russian hands. Inside the
Dnjepr bent the main battle-
field remains at Kriwoi Rog.
In the South West Pacific the
Japanes continue to lose
heavily in the air at Rabaul. 
original text 0295      Nikopol 
The weather has changed from day to day
Around Witebsk the Germans built
an iron wall with a depth of 3
miles, trenches, minefields and wire.
The big Russian attack started
by a devastating artillery barrage
and afterwards the Russians broke
through along a 50 mile front.
The advances amounted to nearly
20 miles to the So., SoW. and No. of Newel.
The front was torn wide open
500 towns and villages were freed
20000 Germans killed and 2000
prisoners taken. The .............. is
now moving from the No. and No. East
towards Witebsk and are only 60
miles away from the Latvian and
........ borders. In their communique
the Germans refer to Russian attempts
to break through at Newel. They say
they have evacuated their Cherson
bridgehead. The American's progress
in New Britain brought them to an
airfield 6 miles inland which ...
............. in their hands. 3 German and
one Russian traitor were hanged
in front of 10000 Russians in the
marketplace at Charkof 
original text 0367    for Witebsk read Vitsyebsk   
The Germans tried to .... the Russians
but 1500 of them were killed. Elsewhere
on the front some 300 more died.
A considerable number of prisoners was
taken. The Russians are now halfway
between Newel & Witebsk. The danger to the
latter place is growing on account of an outflan-
king move from the North which is in the
making and a direct attack.
The Germans are reporting direct attacks
N.W. of Newel. In the Kyef sector the Germans
again attacked. In the Kirowograd
.... 39 German tanks were destroyed.
Russian airforces are active and they
are making the best of the weather.
Sunday night Bangkok the Thay
capital was attacked. Repeated attacks
are reported from Birma by RAF at
night and Americans during the day
at the pressconference col. Knox said that
there is evidence the Japanese are evacuating
the island. Japanese opposition in the air is
negligible. In New Britain the Americans
captured the airfield on New Britain as expected
Yesterday Cape Gloucester got the heaviest attacks of the war
in the SW Pacific when 44 tons of bombs were dropped. Everybody
in Britain will at least get a pound of oranges
from January to April 
original text 0371    for Kirowograd read Kirovohrad   
that in yesterday's attack on Schwein-
furt our lossses had been heavy
but our big loss meant an even
greater loss to the enemy who
had lost 50% of his ball- and roller-
bearercapacity. This afternoon
two fighters were destroyed off the
South West coast by our planes.
Right up to last night Germans were
certain they could hold Zaporozje
but they lost it yesterday morning
German confidence in Zaporozje
defences was well-founded
They made 15 counterattacks
a day. The red army had to use
great forces too. The Germans say
they have blown the Dnjepr dam
Russian shocktroops have
been clearing Melitopol
On the middle Dnjepr fierce fighting
to extend the Western bridgeheads
takes place. An American
reporter from Moscow sais that
in the rear of Kyef the mainline
has been reached. Saboteurs have
blown up 9 .... farmer stations. 
original text 0266       
The ... captured included:
289 planes 400 railway engines
3400 tanks 13000 railway trucks
7000 guns
15000 lorries
wheras destroyed were a.o.
10000 planes.
15000 tanks.
60000 trucks
Yesterday the triumphant progress
of the Russians in the South was kept
up at .......... opposite
Cherson they are 4 miles from
this place away. Germans get
no breathing space. Inside the
Dnjepr bent the Russians push
steady forward from Dnjepropetrowsk
Beyond ..... places were occupied
on railway line to ....
Moreover they are outflanking
Witebsk from the North. In Italy
Isernia has been captured
which fell to the left flank of the 8th
army. At the Adriatic coast
our new offensive across the
Trigno river is progressing not with-
standing stiff resistance. 12 Japanese
cruisers and destroyers from Rabaul 
original text 0303|969564|&TI=Trigno+%28river%29%2c+Italy  Isernia 
During World War II my father Jan A. Weststrate
started taking notes during BBC radio broadcasts
from the time the Germans prohibited possesion
of wireless sets in the Netherlands in May 1943
until the time the part of the Netherlands he
and his family lived in (the village of Krabbendijke
in the province of Zeeland) was liberated in October
1944 by the Allied forces.
The notes start on May 16th 1943 and end rather
abruptly on October 23rd 1944.
From the 23rd until the 26th of October Krabbendijke
was the scene of heavy fighting, resulting in the
liberation on October the 26th.(1)
From October the 27th 1944 until the 23rd of
January 1945 no electricity was available in

Five notebooks, in all some 1000 pages lay
forgotten more than 50 years, until a few years
ago my mother moved to a new home.
My father died in 1966.

In September 2003 I have started scanning
and transcribing these pages. This task will
probably take a few months.
Not all of the pages are clearly readable.
If you can correct or help transcribing
these pages, please send an email to
Please clearly state the page you are
commenting on.

Ad Weststrate,
Veere, september 2003.

(1) Wel bevrijd ... toch angst. Oorlogshandelingen
maart '44 - mei '45 Krabbendijke en omstreken.
Gert H. Kuijt, 1994, ISBN 90-70697-14-9
Drukkerij en boekhandel van Velzen B.V. - Krabbendijke
Pages 45-46
(2) Idem
Page 64 
    Notes from World War II
BBC radio broadcasts 
  original text 0411       
10.15 Forces Newsletter
10.30 " music while you work,
calling all workers, David .....
and his band
Bebe Daniels:
The stars at night
are big and bright
Deep in the heart of Texas
The prairie sky
is wide and high
deep ----
The sage in bloom
is like perfume
deep ----
When the lights go on again
All over the world
When the boys come home again
All ------
and rain and snow is all that
will fall from the skie above

When the lights go on again
All over the world
And the ships will sail again
All over ------
Then we will have time for things
like weddingrings and free hearts
will sing 
original text 0003  5/16/1943     
of the Dutch air
16.30 p.m. Transatlantic call people
to people dealing with River Thames
1.= 6.= 9.= pm. news
v Arnim ....... commanding German
forces in Tunesia now a prisoner
of war have been flown to England
and arrived there today.
9.- pm Despatch about life in freed
city of Tunis. In Tunis appears
an English Paper called Tunesian
Telegraph. Electric Power station
destroyed by Jerries. Watersupply
intact. Radiostation destroyed
now. Recording car intact kept secret
8.= p.m. Service St. Paul's Cathedral
Edinbro Cathedral.
Talk by Doctor about fatigue
" for anglers
12.45 p.m. Talk by 28 year old woman-
correspondent about fascism
and about women in China and
9.30 pm. Forces Bebé Daniels, Ben Lion
R.A.F. deliver perfume to Germany.
" sprinkled Cologne.
v. Arnim arrived without underwear.
v. Arnim lost his pants 
original text 0002  5/16/1943     
Now all radio-sets in this country
have been confiscated by the Germans
and I will have to give up now during
the next few days I make a few notes
on what I still have heard over the
radio these last few days

16/5/1943 Sunday
1.15 p.m. Country magazine dealing with
4.15 p.m. Brain's trust Question-master
Donald McCullough, taking part a.o.
...., Julian Huxley, miss Harriman
(daughter mr. Harriman. Lease-Lend
7.30 p.m. Sandys at the theater
8.45 Recording of the Home Guard Parade in
Hyde Park where the king took the
9.30 a.m. Pealing of church Bells to
celebrate the Tunesian victory
today was Empire Youth's Day
9.00 p.m. News about confiscation of
radiosets in this country
If it means closing down radiostations
at Hilversum then the Dutch may
claim to have driven Dr. Goebels out 
original text 0001  5/16/1943     
12.00 Home Service
newsreader Jack ...... . American
Thunderbolts made sweeps over
occupied countries 2 aircraft destroyed
mitchells bombed Cannes.
British typhoons bombed railway
targets at Le Treport.
Moscow reports Friday more
raids on Brijansk and combined
airattacks on ...... and Orel also
railway target there.
Fighting in Koeban continues
In the Donets Sovjets advanced
according to ........ ............
a codeword for a certain operation
was "Retribution" Subsequently
order from admiral Cunningham
was burn, sink, destroy.
Queen inspected boys of Red Cross 
original text 0004  5/16/1943     
17/5 13 uur
reading Joseph McLeod
aircraft of bomber command
attacked targets in the Ruhr and
Rhineland also Berlin. 9 aircraft
bombercommand and 1 fighter
missing. Fighter aircraft carried
out intruder flights.
During raids over England 4
Focke Wulf bomb carrying planes
destroyed. Total force of German
aircraft employed about 20.
Germans raided S. East England, Essex
and Greater London area.
Little damage done, small loss
of lives. Monday morning 5 aircraft
destroyed during fighter patrols
our fighters covered an attack on
Cannes. The total Italian air-
strenght is small and inferior
Italy neglected building planes
of bombertypes. The bombers they
have have a small bomb-carrying
capacity. Italy concentrated on
swift ........ fighters which are out
of date. They have no night fighters
moreover the Italians are not well
off with airfields. Most important 
original text 0005  5/17/1943     
motorvessel "Regensburg" 8068 tons
intercepted between Greenland and Iceland
by British Cruiser HMS "Glasgow" only 6
survivors rescued.
No news about fighting on Attoe Isles
operation going on. No news landfighting
in Burma. Pres. Roosevelt sent message
to Tsjang kai Tsjek thanking him for his
congratulations with the allied success
in Tunis.
21.30 Home "The wet Duck". Till 22.50
24.= Fred Allen
American submarines sank 6 Jap
ships. tanker damaged. American
coalmining dispute arrived at another
deadlock. Damms are of the Eder and
(Names some planes:
Thunderbolts, Whirlwinds, mosquitoes
Mustangs, typhoons, Lancasters,
Bostons, Halifaxes, Flying Fortesses,
Wellingtons, Hurricanes, Spitfires,
Beaufighters, Hudsons, Hampdens
Swordfish, Venturers, Merodas,
Stirlings, kittyhawks, warhawks,
Swordfish, Seafires, Lightnings) 
original text 0008  5/17/1943  for Attoe Island
read Attu Island 
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