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one pilot said he never saw so many.
Fighters carried out attacks on airfields in
Germany and occupied countries.
The Russians fought their way into Charkow
yesterday morning. The occupation was
completed later in the day. All bridges were
blown up by the Germans. The Russians are
going forward beyond Charkow. The Mediterranean
airforces continued yesterday and last night
their attacks on Southern Italy.
American Liberators attacked Bari and
during that attack 18 enemy planes were
shot down.
The Francisco River in New Guinea has been
crossed by the Australians who now control
access and exit of Salamana.
In the Solomons Allied ships searched for
Japanese Barges. Today is mrs. Churchill's
aid for Russia's flagday. Peter Mosefield
who is touring American aircraft factories
reported about a new type of Liberator the
B24H. Packard factory at Detroit is making
Rools Royce merlin engines for mustangs, mosquitoes
and Lancasters. The slogan is "building watches
by the ton". Americans highly praise the
British planes Lancaster, Spitfire and Mosquito 
original text 0146  8/24/1943     
18/8/1943 2pm (dutch time)

It has been formally announced in today's
communique from North Africa that all
resistance in Sicuily has ceased.
The Germans left a lot of material
Nearly every building in Messina as
our correspondents report bears scores
of our airattacks.
6000 people in Messina have lived for over
a month in an airraidshelter.
German batteries have shelled Messina
from the mainland and ours have replied.
Not one Middle East aircraft is
missing from all the operations carried
Swiss correspondent report great disorganisation
at Milaan, Turin and so on.
Thousands of people have fled from Milaan
to the border mostly without any papers.
An Italian diplomatic mission has
arrived at Lisbon. In Russia fighting is
heaviest round Charkow. West of the city the
Germans in their counterattack threw in
100 heavy tanks with strong support of the
airforce. Railwaystation 100 miles South 
original text 0135  8/18/1943     
of Charkow were attacked by Russian bombers.
In the North the Russians again
In trhe Bryansk battle 2000 Germans were
killed. Last night we carried out a heavy
and well concentrated airattack on
Peenemünde, some 60 miles North West
of Stettin. The researchstation there,
the largest of Germany was bombed.
.. of our bombers and one fighters is missing
About 50 planes raided this country
last night. In all 11 planes were shot down
7 over this country and 4 over their bases
in occupied country.
In the South West Pacific 220 Japanese
planes on the ground were caught.
At least 120 of them were destroyed against
a loss of 3 of ours. The Japs lost in this
attack alone 1500 men. 
original text 0136  8/18/1943     
19/8/1943 8.= am Robert Robinson
The Russians have resumed their advance
on the Charkow front after repelling violent
German counterattacks.
Yhey are axtending their move outflanking
the city.
More than 70 miles due West of
Charkow they reached a place. In another
direction viz. Northwest of Charkow
places 10 miles from Sumy were
The advance on the Bryansk front makes
good progress.
Allied aircraft in the South West Pacific
made anothet devastating raid
on the airfields at New Guinea for the
second time running. The enemy lost in
both our attacks all 225 but 10 planes.
We lost in two days six planes.
Balikpapan was again attacked.
During aircombats the Japanese sent
up 50 fighters of which 28 were destroyed.
Two new guns have come of our secret list
a B.L. 4.5 and a B.L. 5.5 both howitzers
The first one fires a 50 lb shell and the
second one a 100 lb shell 
original text 0137  8/19/1943     
19/8/1943 2 pm Frank Philips
The allied navy and airforces have kept
up activity against Italy. USA naval forces
have started shelling the Italian
.... activity is .... to occasional
shelling over the streets of Messina
Over Bizerta 6 enemy bombers were shot
down. 3 of our planes are missing.
The airfield in New Guinea has been
bombed to annihilation. Also town
and harbour areas were attacked.
Japanese losses are 215 planes. Liberators
made a round trip of 2600 miles to Balikpapan
11 large vessels in the harbour probably
tankers were destroyed. Fires were caused
in refinery and harbour area.
The Russians are on the advance again in
the Charkow sector after repelling violent
attacks by crack German troops. .......... was
captured. In the Bryansk sector 2 stations were
captured. One 20 miles n west and one the same
distance due east of Bryansk. 40 places were also
taken. A German E-boat was sunk by one of our
fighter planes off Ostend. 8 railway engines
were also attacked. One fighter is missing 
original text 0138  8/19/1943     
20/8/1943. 8.= am dutch time Stewart Hibbard

Brendan Bracken at a pressconference in Quebec
has spoken about the vital importance
of discussions there.
No announcement can be expected before
the end of the conference
A british mission has arrived in
The South West Pacific's communique
reports continuous air attacks against
Timor and the Solomons.
Yesterday evening flying fortresses were sent
out to bomb two airfields in Holland
viz. Gilze-Rijen and Flushing. The fortresses
themselves shot down 16 fighters.
At the same time the escorting thunderbolts
and Spitfires arried out sweeps over Northern
France and shot down 8 fighters.
A portion of our fortresses brought their bombs
back rather than kill Netherlanders.
There were low clouds over the target and it was
no weather for high level bombing.
mr. Churchill received congratulations
from the king on completion of Sicilian
campaign. Good progress reported from
Bryansk and Charkow sectors. 
original text 0139  8/20/1943     
21/8/1943 9.= (dt) am Fred Allen

Big tank battles are taking place on the
Charkow front, but the advancing Russians
are having the best of it.
Especially to the North West of the city the
battles developed well. Over 45 German
tanks were lost.
The Soviet position on the Bryansk front has
improved. On all parts of the Russian front
yesterday 42 tanks and 118 planes were
destroyed resp shot down.
In New Guinea important enemy defence
positions were captured. The Japanese are in
full retreat in Salamana. Another attack
on ..... airfield took place. 5 enemy planes
were destroyed on the ground and 19 fighters
who tried to intercept our bombers were
shot down.
It is announced from Quebec that President
Roosevelt will address the Canadian
Parliament on Wednesday.
Limited quantities of emergency paint
in darkbrown colour will be available at
.... a pint. Another falling off ..coal output
is reported. Compared with last year the reduction
is 241000 tons. 
original text 0140  8/21/1943     
23/8/1943 8 and 9 am (Dutch time) R. Robinson

Our bombers were out over Germany last night.
A few enemy raiders crossed our East Coast.
2 bombers were destroyed.
American merodas escorted by Allied,
Dominian and RAF fighters attacked an
airfield South East of Rouaan. Last evening
the enemy sent up squadron after
squadron of fighters. We lost 1 bomber
and 8 fighters and 9 enemy fighters were
The Russians are steadily pushing the
Germans back round Charkow in face of
continued German counterattacks.
Specially North West of the city 30 more villages
were taken. The advance amounts to from 2 1/2 to
4 miles. Successes are reported South of
Izjum and South of Warischalowgrad.
On the Bryansk front the Russians continue to
improve their position.
Russian night bombers attacked troops, tanks
and transport South West of Charkow.
General Eisenhower has thanked the king for
his congratulations on the Sicilian
mr Litvinov will not return as Ambassador 
original text 0141  8/23/1943     
23/8/1943 2pm (Dutch time) Richard Wessel

The German radio in broadcasts to foreign countries
and not yet in their home service has announced
that Charkow has fallen. They claim however
that they have evacuated the place.
Bombercommand aircraft last night
attacked targets in the Rhineland and also
Chemical works at Leverküssen north of
Cologne. 5 of our bombers are missing.
Mines were also laid in enemy waters.
Fightercommand intruders were over
Belgium and France.
Spitfires destroyed one enemy plane over
France yesterday. A plane has been lost in
the morning.
Large forces of our planes are reported out
over France again today.
Southern Italian railway targets and
communications were attacked. Especially
Salerno which was again attacked last
night by North African and Middle East
aircraft. In one combat the enemy lost
28 fighters. 7 of our planes are missing.
Widespread airattacks are carried out over
South West pacific. More than 60 Japanese planes
attacked a place near .... today. Rusults of Australian elec-
tions are not yet known but it is certain that Labour will
be strongest in party's history. News followed by recording of
postscript by Commander Anthony ..… 
original text 0142  8/23/1943  for Leverküssen
read Leverkusen 
In Quebec Pres. Roosevelt and mr Mackenzie
King aanounced the setting up of a joint
aid committee.
Miss Mary Churchill broadcast in french
and English on the Canadian Radio.
The Japanese are still retreating in New
Guinea with our troops on their heels
We are now holding positions overlooking
Salamana airfield. 
original text 0143  8/23/1943     
5/8/1943 8.= am Richard Wessel
The Russians reported shortly after mid-
night that they are back in Orel after 2
years of German occupation.
The Germans captured Orel in October 1941
and they now ..... what they call the
evacuation of it. Orel is the most
advanced base for the advance om
Over 80 places were captured by the
Russians. From Sicily there is no further
news except that the 8th army is
reported about 5 miles from Adrano
Yesterday late American medium
bombers with a fighter escort bombed
Le Tre (spelling?) near Rouan.
The shipping yard there was bombed
Hits were seen in the power house and
the machine creating shop.
Not one aircraft is missing
From Russia stiff fighting is reported
round Bjelgorod
Russian bombers pounded Bryansk
In the South West pacific there is hard
fighting round the airfields at Munda 
original text 0104  8/5/1943  for Le Tre
read Le Trait
for Rouan
read Rouen 
John de Havilland who acted as testpilot lost his
life when two mosquitoes collided near
Finchhaven in New Guinea was shelled from sea
at close range and also pounded by our bombers.
McArthur's communique gives more places when
detailing the airattacks which have take place.
Also a place in Celebes viz. Kendari where
aircraft repairshops were attacked is mentioned.
It is expected that Winston Churchill
will broadcast next week end.
Lord Burleigh has been appointed as Gouvernor
of the Bermudas.

In the kitchenfront mrs. Arthur .... spoke about drying
and salting beans both dwarf and runnerbeans

24/8/1943 2pm (d.t.)

Berlin was attacked in very great strength last
night. A great number of planes took part and
the attack was a concentrated one.
A number of fighters were destroyed.
58 bombers and one fighter are missing.
The attack was twice as heavy as anything
Berlin has had so far. Scores even swarms
of fighters were sent up by the Germans and 
original text 0145  8/25/1943     
were dropped over scattered parts and one
person is reported killed.
The Russians had a good day in the Bryansk
offensive and they are now well under
20 miles from this German base.
After capturing Karatschew it appears
that this is a strong outpost. 100 guns,
40 tanks were captured.
The fate of Cahrkow hangs in balance.
For 5 days now the Russians report counter-
attacks. During one day nearly 90 tanks
and 60 planes were destroyed.
Taormina has been occupied and on
the North Coast the Americans are now
17 miles away from Messina.
Oil installations on the east Coast of
Borneo at Balikpapan were set on fire
by the Australians.
In the landfighting near Salamana
we made some headway.
There were reports yesterday about
trouble in Norway. All Norway is now
under military law. 
original text 0132  8/17/1943     
25/8/1943 8.= am (dutch time) Stewart Hibbard

American flying fortresses who recently
bombed the Messerschmidt factory at
Regensburg and went through to North
Africa have on returning from North Africa
to this country bombed an airfield and
its repairworks near Bordeaux.
From that base Focke Wulf raiders operate
against our shipping in the Atlantic.
The flight of the fortresses is a round one of
3000 miles.
During the day yesterday fortresses based in
this country escorted by thunderbolts
attacked aircraftrepairworks near Paris
6 enemy planes were shot down.
Two fighterstations were also attacked
one of the pilots returning with the planes
from North Africa is the son of mr John Winant
USA ambassador.
The Quebec conference has ended and it is now
known that mr. Churchill will broadcast
next Saturday 
original text 0147  8/25/1943     
25/8/1943 2.= am (dutch time) Frank Philips

Bombercommand mosquitoes were over Berlin
last night. Mines were laid in enemy waters.
Not one of our planes is missing.
More blows are reported against Italian
targets in Southern Italy which were attacked
by our fighter bombers yesterday. Last night steel-
works South of Naples were bombed. 4 aircraft
are missing.
Beaufighters of Middle East Command attacked
shipping off the West coast of Greece.
From Russia further progress is reported.
South of Izjum and South West of ........-
.... from where also fierce fighting is reported.
The Russians are now only 30 miles from
.... . Allied progress is also reported from the South
West Pacific. President Roosevelt spoke to journalists
at the end of the Quebec conference. ...... on the
way to Moscow broke his journey off at Cairo.
.... in New Guinea was raided again by some
100 of our Liberators and Lightnings. 1 Zerofighter
was shot down. Our ground troops in New Guinea
have advanced further. In the Solomons the Japanese
tried to attack our newly won position from the air. 
original text 0148  8/25/1943     
26/8/1943 8.= am (dutch time) Fred Allen

Lord Louis Mountbatten has been appointed
Supreme Allied Commander in S. East
Asian Command. So far Lord Mountbatten
has been Chief of Combined Operations.
He is 43 years of age and second cousin of
the King.
The Russians are 80 miles West of Charkow
a place midway between Sumy and Poltawa
has been captured.
Good progress is also reported in the direction of
..... .
South West of ............ German tank-
forces were smashed.
Widespread raids were carried out on German
British and American bombers kept up
their attacks on airfields in France (Northern).
Dominion and Allied Spitfires covered
the bombers whereas thunderbolts of which
two are missing sweeped France. All other
planes returned safely. Sunday 26/9 will be observed
as "Battle of Britain Sunday" from 16/9 onward.
Retailprice for sugar will be increased by 1 .. per lb.
Stockholm reports two more strikes in Danish shellworks.
Pres. Roosevelt left Ottawa for Washington 
original text 0149  8/26/1943     
27/8/1943 9.= am Rich Wessel

The French National Committee of Liberation
has been formally recognised by the American,
British and Russian Gouvernments.
Canada has also recognised the Committee.
mr W.C., mrs. W.C. and her daughter Mary are
staying at a fishing camp near Quebec.
mrs Roosevelt arrived in New Zealand.
The Russians advanced 4 miles West of Charkow
where they are now staying 85 miles west of that
city. Poltawa is threatened.
Fierce fighting is reported from the Donetz
RAF Bostons and American merodas went out
over France. The Bostons piloted by Frenchmen of
the Lorraine squadron attacked an electric power
station in Brittany. Spitfires brought them back.
The Americans bombed the airfield at Caen
also under Spitfire protection. None of our
planes were lost. Serious airattacks are reported
in Southern Italy where fighter airfields and
marshalling yards were attacked. 15 allied
aircraft were lost.
American bombers in the far East have again
raided ...... . 19 Japanese planes trying to 
original text 0150  8/27/1943     
intercept them were shot down.
It is reported from South Africa now the
fighting on African soil is over S. Africa will
help the war effort in the far East.
More trouble is reported from Denmark
Mr. CHurchill's broadcast may be postponed
until Tuesday.
9.15. Kitchenfront recipe chocolatecake
by mrs. Inglesome.

27/8/1943 up to 2 pm dutch time "Over the border"
Weekend noes for women gardeners by Anna
Scarlet and Elizabeth Cull.
News Fred Allen
British naval forces bombarded South Italian
railways and bridges. Tuesdaynight, Wednesday
a british cruiser attacked coastal targets.
Last night mines were laid in enemy waters.
American bombers with a fighter escort have
been out to bomb airfields in France (... was
attacked). In New Guinea a ....... got 180
tons of bombs dropped by light and medium
bombers. In the Solomons a raid was made
with neglegible losses for ourselves. 12 Japanese
planes were lost. In Burma barges and rivercraft
were damaged by planes from India. 
original text 0151  8/27/1943     
28/8/1943 9.+ am (dutch time) Robert Robinson

Our bombers were out over Germany last night.
Reports from the coast say that last night large
forces of planes were heard going over for over
2 hours.
During yesterday's widespread daylight attacks
over oocupied country heavy attacks were
carried out by flying fortresses on targets
in France. Dominion, Allied fighters and
thunderbolts escorted the bombers.
8 enemy planes were shot down by the
bombers and the same number by
the escorting fighters. We lost 4 heavy
bombers, one medium bomber
and 7 fighters. Messages from Zurich say that
airraidwarnings were sounded in
West Switzerland last night.
2 RAF planes are also missing from the day's
The Russians renewed their offensive South
of Bryansk. 5000 Germans were killed and
700 taken prisoner. Sjesjsk 80 miles
South of Bryansk was captured.
Encountering stubborn resistance
the Russians advanced from 3 to 5 miles
on the Charkow front. 
original text 0152  8/28/1943  for Sjesjsk
read Sevsk (probably) 
Our allies also advanced in the Donetz
basin. In all 63 german tanks were
destroyed and 61 planes shot down.

The Russians bombed the railway
stations at Poltawa and .......
The Japanes have liquidated all
resistance on New Georgia.
Lord Louis Mountbatten has left
Washington after talks with American
Boys and girls born between March 14.
1927 and August 28 will have to

28/8/1943 2pm dutch time R. Robinson
Our homebased bombers made a very heavy attack on
Nürnberg. The raid appears to have been well concentrated
Mosquitoes were over the Ruhr, France and the Low
Countries. 33 bombers are missing. 14 days ago Nürnberg
was the target for 1500 tons of bombs.
In Italy yesterday railwayyards 16 miles N.N.E. of Naples
were attacked as well as other targets. 20 enemy planes
were shot down. During the day road and railcommunications
in S. Italy were attacked as well as gun positions at Reggio.
In all 9 planes are missing, In the Sicilian campaign
we lost two submarines. The Russians did not
capture .......... but Kramatorskaja 
original text 0153  8/28/1943     
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