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"made in Britain"
10.30 forces music while you work.
11.= home Ivy Benson and her
girls' band 
original text 0052  6/1/1943     
... ..... The admiralty announced
that in the vicinity of IJmuiden
this morning a German convoy
was encountered which consisted
of 4 supply ships, 4 Eboats and a
number of smaller craft. One
supply ship was sunk.
our aircraft operating from the
Azores improved the the uboat position
The number of uboats sunk in
november exceeds the number of
their victims
The London County Council proposes
..... 165000 houses in the first year
after the war.
Minister W.S. Morrison Minister
for Town- and Country planning
has said that the creation of
new towns and the expansion of
present ones is inevitable 
original text 0359  12/10/1943     
... snowfall is reported from there
The Germans claim that Rumanian
troops have smashed the Russian
bridgehead at Kertsj no confirmation
is available from Russian side
The Germans say 2000 prisoners
were taken and plenty of airactivity
seems to take place in the Crimea
The Germans have brought up
reinforcements from Greece, Albania
and Bulgaria against the patriots
in Yugoslavia where now heavy
fighting takes place in Bosnia around
Serajewo. It is said that the Germans
have broken through. 
original text 0357  12/8/1943     
...... due at Milaan from central
Italy have not arrived.
......... ......... at ..... that there
is now a crisis between Germany and
Italy. .... has asked the Italian people
to help to drive the Germans out.
Most English prosoners of war are in
Northern Italy. No Italian planes or vessels
have arrived in allied ports.
With the capitulation of Italy Germany
is losing 65 divisions from its ranks.
In the Balkans the Italians outnumber
the Germans where they are 3 to one but
in Crete the Germans outnumber the
The airbombardements of Lae is going on
day and night and the enemy's artillery is
incapable of shelling. Our navy is shelling
the waterfront of Salamana 
original text 0191  9/10/1943     
1/10/1943. 9. am. Marris Shillington

The latest Russian communique
which is one of the shortest for a long
time reports more progress on the
Gomel, Mogilef and ..... fronts.
In the Gomel area 70 places were
taken and the advance amounts
to some 7 1/2 to 12 1/2 miles which is
also the case on the Mogileffront
Both sides reported bad weather.
From Italy there is nothing new
about fighting there. The 5th army is
still pouring into the plain of
Naples, Our troops are 12 miles away
from the city. The Germans announced
the destruction of the harbour.
The 8th army has captured Manfredonia.
On Bougainville island in the Salomons
12 Japanese fighters out of 35 sent up
by the enemy were destroyed. 
original text 0232  10/1/1943     
1/11/1043. Rich. Wessel. 6.= pm.

The results of the three power conference
has first been announced
It is a message of hope to all free people
in the world.
Official news of what happened during
the conference from 19th to 30th
October is trhat measures were
discussed to shorten the war.
against Germany and het
satelites in Europe. Second in
importance to the question of
hastening the war is the matter
of collaboration after te war.
During the conference on this matter
of closer collaboration the Chinese
came in.
A general international organi-
sation must be set up regulating
also armaments after the war
A European advisory commission
will be set up in London and also a
councilespecially for the
consideration of allied policy
towards Italy. The main object will
be the utterly destruction of
fascism and the restoring of democracy. 
original text 0293  11/1/1943     
1/6/1943. I am expected to have given in my radioset
which Jerry confiscated from 4 to 6 pm
today but I am still listening to
today's 9 o'clock news which is read by
Frederick Allen
Allied aircraft from Mediterranean
kept up their attacks on the Italian
Islands, Pantellaria included
unescorted flying fortresses which
took part shot down two enemy
fighters. Altogether the enemy lost 4
aircraft and we two
Yesterday evening a few bombs fell
on Malta
The chief of the Italian forces has
been relieved from his post.
Homebased fighters gained a victory
of ten to one over enemy fighters
over occupied country (Northern
France) 5 supply ships were
damaged by cannonfire from our
typhoons off the Dutch Coasts.
There is no news of any change on
the Russian fronts. Sunday the
Germans lost 31 planes against
3 Russian aircraft.
Chinese troops made further
progress. a great quantity of 
original text 0050  6/1/1943     
1/9/1943. 9.= am (dutch time) Richard Wessel
Berlin has been bombed again on the 4th.
anniversary of the treacherous attacks on
Yesterday evening ended a dawn to dawn
attack by flying fortresses which .....
...... in France. 6 bombers and 2 of our
fighters were lost.
Over here a few enemy planes crossed our
The Germans are losing heavily in a battle
some 100 miles N.W. of Bryansk and the
same distance S.W. 5000 Germans were
killed and the Russians are now
50 miles of Smolensk. The Russians
destroyed and captured 56 tanks, 60 ..... ,
and 200 lorries and trucks and 37 planes.
and they are driving on towards Smolensk.
From ..... they are driving to the
South and South West and the Germans
were 37 miles pressed back.
One Russian unit killed 3000 Germans
Over 200 towns and villages were
captured. Fighting also ..... places
100 miles west of Koersk. The Russians 
original text 0158  9/1/1943  for Koersk
read Kursk 
10.15 Forces Newsletter
10.30 " music while you work,
calling all workers, David .....
and his band
Bebe Daniels:
The stars at night
are big and bright
Deep in the heart of Texas
The prairie sky
is wide and high
deep ----
The sage in bloom
is like perfume
deep ----
When the lights go on again
All over the world
When the boys come home again
All ------
and rain and snow is all that
will fall from the skie above

When the lights go on again
All over the world
And the ships will sail again
All over ------
Then we will have time for things
like weddingrings and free hearts
will sing 
original text 0003  5/16/1943     
10.7.1943. 12. pm. Rich. Wessels
The new allied communique about the invasion
of Italy says that the success of the landing was
achieved in 3 hours. British, American,
Canadian troops taking part as well as
British, American, Indian, Dutch and
Polish naval forces. This invasion as General
Eisenhower says in a proclamation is the
first stage in the liberation of European
continent. The allied landing which
started at dawn today are proceding
according to plan. It is understood the
landings are taking place over a front of
some 100 miles. Enemy oppostion was
checked and by 7.30 am. ours troops were
advancing and artillery was put ashore.
Since then more re-inforcements have
been put ashore. Roads and communications
throughout the island were bombed.
Allied warships are bombarding
without interruption. a pilot said he
never saw so many ships together in
his life. Our bombers carried out a
devastating attack on Santo Benino
where in a hotel there are the head
quarters of the axis. The hotelitself and
the principal telephone exchange, the 
original text 0061  7/10/1943     
10/8/1943. 8.= am Stewart Hibbard

The Russians again advanced rapidly and had
the most succesfull day on the Charkow front
Two places 30 and 40 miles West of Charkow
were reached. 3 more stations on the rail
Northwest from Charkow were captured.
Much war material and considerable
territory was gained. ........ was
captured. The only direction of escape is South
and Southwest of Charkow.
In 2 days fighting 315 railway trucks with
supplies were captured.
Our bombers from this country were out over
Germany last night. During the day road
and railtargets in Northern France were
7 planes were destroyed and we lost 3.
Steady progress is also reported from the
Bryansk front but no change is reported from
other parts of the fronts.
There is no important news from Sicily
since yesterday's coast to coast
Allied forces are closing in on Randazzo 
original text 0114  8/10/1943     
10/9/1943. 9.= am. dutch time. Frank Philips.

More German troops have arrive in Northern
Italy. More clashes between Germans
and Italians in the big northern cities
have been reported.
Nothing fresh has been reported about
progress in the Naples area and further
At 10 o'clock last night unidentified
aircraft have dropped bombs on Rome.
.......... well to the South of the Donetz-
basin has been occupied.
Yesterday 2500 sorties were made by our
planes as a conclusion to the exercises
in the Channel.
In the Naples area our troops are
making satisfactory progress.
Also the infantry and commandotroops
further South have linked up with the
British and Canadian forces of the 8th
army. There are neutral rumours
about further landings. Germany is
spreading abuses about Italian
Generals, and speaking about anti-
............ Italian officers and sabotage
against German communication
lines which can only have been done 
original text 0187  9/10/1943     
10-11-1943 6.= pm. Robert Robertson.

In Italy the 5th army has driven off
9 German counterattacks in 24
hours. In .... weather yesterday
our troops have pushed on and
the weather is now so that already
snow had fallen.
Montgomery's troops advanced
3 tot 4 miles along the Adriatic
German orders which we
have captured say that the Germans
must at least hold the winterposi-
tion 6 weeks. One of our correspon-
dents said that winter is now
coming in Italy very abruptly
temperature falls as well as
rain so the troops are buttoning
their overcoats. The two heaviest
of the German counterattacks
were delivered against british
troops. In all their attacks
however the Germans ..... no
..... although their resistance
is greatly increased. Liberators
escorted by lightnings have
again bombed the ball bearing
works at Turin and also at

original text 0313  11/10/1943     
10-12-1943. 6.= pm Robert Robinson
A special order of the day by marshall
Stalin has announced the
capture of ............ (Spelling?)
after 3 days of fierce fighting
at Moscow this afternoon 12
salvos saluted this capture
Russian troops are now less
than 20 miles from Kirowograd.
Canadian troops of the 8th army
started another heavy attack
along the Adriatic and were
supported by tanks. The
Canadians now hold strong positions
north of the little Morro river and
are going into the direction of Pescara
The splendid close cooperation between
our army and the Airforces
continues. Light and medium bombers of which 4 are missing
have bombed harbours on both
sides of Italy. Badoglio has announced
that the first unit of Italian troops
is fighting on allied side.
President Roosevelt on his way
back from Teheran and Cairo
visited Malta where he was ..... 
original text 0358  12/8/1943  Kirowograd=Kirovohrad  Kirovohrad  
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