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24/0/1943. 9.= am. dt. Richard Wessel.
The Russians have again reported good progress.
on all fronts but especially towards Kiyef,
the Dnjeprbent and Smolensk.
Two successes were inportant viz.
the capture of Poltawa and a place between
Brjansk and ..... . In all 900 places,
villages and hamlets were captured.
The Russians are now 17 miles due East
of Kyef, and good progress is made towards
Smolensk where the Russians are
15 miles from this base from the S. East,
15 miles due East and 20 miles North
West. No news has been received from the
extreme Southern front. The Blackseafleet
has been sinking selfpropelled barges.
The 5th and the 8th armies are progressing
and the germans are preparing for the
loss of Naples. Allied pressure is increasing
and in the West of the front enemy
resistance is increasing. Since yesterday
morning a heavy artillery barrage is
being laid. The Germans are carrying
out widespread demoltions in
Naples especially in the harbour and
also factories all over the city are
being destroyed. Typhus and cholera 
original text 0220  9/24/1943     
are reported among the unhappy population
In widespread daylight attacks yesterday
over Holland and France 24 enemy planes
were destroyed. We lost 3 bombers and 6
fighters and shipping off the dutch coast
was also included.
General Alexander has visited the
Italian front. 2/3 .. part of Corsica
has been freed largely by the efforts of
the Corsicans themselves. About 12000
Corsicans have been armed with tommy-
guns which have been brought into the
isle by plane and submarine.
General Giraud has visited Corsica
last Tuesday. Yugoslav patriots
have occupied ...... and street-
fighting is reported from .....
Our bombers were over Germany last
night. A few bombers were over this
country during the night but no casualties
or damage is reported.
In New Guinea an airfield 2 miles away
from the Japanese base at Finchhaven
has been captured. Japanese planes
tried to attack our landingfleet. 40
planes were shot down and 5 probably.
We lost 3 fighters. 
original text 0221  9/24/1943  for Funchhaven
read Finschhafen (probably) 
24/9.1943. 2.= pm. Morris Shillington

Our homebased bombers last night heavily
attacked Mannheim-Ludwigshafen.
Small forces attacked Darmstadt
and Aachen.
32 bombers are missing, 4 evening
fighters were shot down.
On the 5th and 8th army front steady progress
is being made on the 8th army front in
face of light opposition.
Matera 35 miles N.W. from Tarente
has been occupied.
Two airfields on the Isle of Rhode were
bombed by Middle East Liberators
The Russians are 5 miles away from
the banks of the river Dnjepr at
Dnjepropetrovsk and 9 miles North
East of Smolensk.
Kingsley Wood has been cremated
today. One of our submarines
returned after sinking 50000 tons
od shipping in the Mediterranean
during the last 18 months. 
original text 0222  9/24/1943     
25.9.1943. 9.= am dutch time

Just before 7 o'clock this morning
Berlin announced they had lost their
greatest base in Russia Smolensk
and also Roslaw.
Smolensk is the principal German
base in Russia and used to be
Hitler's headquarters. In August 1941
it was taken by the Germans.
In Russia the Germans are fighting
There is no fresh news from Italy
East of the 5th army the 8th army
advanced 25 to 30 miles yesterday.
Australians in New Guinea are now
a mile from Finchhaven.
Merodas, mitchells and typhoon
bombers bombed airfields in France
and also railway stations at
Amiens. 21 enemy fighters were
destroyed and we lost 9. ...... Nelson
said at Gouvernment's dinner in
London that the USA. production
this year is 1 1/2 times that of
Germany and Japan and in
1944 will be double. Sir John Anderson 
original text 0223  9/25/1943  for Finchhaven
read Finschhafen (probably) 
is the new Chanchellor of the Exchequer
and Lord Beaverbrook after 18 months
returned to the Gouvernment as
Lor Privy Seal. 
original text 0224  9/25/1943  for Chanchellor
read Chancellor 
27.9.1943. 9.= am. Steward Hibbard

The Russians are making good progress beyond
Smolensk and Roslaw.
The Dnjepr has been reached at many points
in its bent.
On 7 front particularly the Russians
swept on capturing 800 villages.
In the direction of ...... the advance
amounted to 7 miles. ...... has
been occupied. 19 transportbarges were
sunk and 10 enemy planes shot down
by the Black Sea airforce.
Over Bougainville 9 out of about 60
Japanese fighters were destroyed.
Nothing fresh is reported from Italy.

2.= pm.
North African communique reports
that a place 20 miles from Foggia
has been occupied and the river
Ofanto crossed. Advances have also
been made in the Central Sector
and the 5th army has pushed on
towards Naples.
Last night our mosquitoes attacked
targets in the Rhineland and this 
original text 0225  9/27/1943  for bent
read bend 
morning fortresses bombed Emden
A Canadian aircraft has destroyed an
enemy bomber over Holland.
Not one of our planes is missing.
Yesterday no planes were lost but
from earlier patrols yesterday 2
planes have not returned.
On the ... front the Russians are
30 miles East and South East of the
city. ..... has been occupied.
At Dnjepropetrovsk the Germans
counterattacked fiercely. In the Koeban
4 more places were occupied.
Allied troops North of Finchhaven
in New Guinea are progressing.
In the Solomons we damaged an
airfield losing two of our fighters.
150000 barrels Canadian apples
will be shipped to Britain for the first
time these two years. 
original text 0226  9/27/1943     
28-9-1943. 9.= am. Fr. Philips.
Russian progress is reported on all fronts between
Smolensk and the Koeban and they are 15 miles
away from Gomel. The suburbs of ........
...... have been reached. The red army gained
more valuable ground on all fronts
and 1000 places were taken. The allies have
closed in on Dnjepropetrowsk where hard
fighting took place the Germans being anxious
to keep the suburbs. The Russians are less than
20 miles from ..........
Yesterday 58 fighters were destroyed
over Germany and France. We lost 18 planes
.... 7 heavy bombers, 1 medium bomber
and 10 fighters. Flying fortresses bombed the
port of Emden. These fortresses were escorted
on their longest escorted flight by thunder-
bolts. Of the enemy planes 22 fell as
victims of our thunderbolts the other
18 being shot down by the fortresses.
Emden is an important port.
Raids were also made on ... France and
when darkness fell we went out again.
Last night we were over Germany again.
George ....., an American reporter 
original text 0227  9/28/1943  Gomel, also Homel  Gomel 
landed a few days ago in Corsica
and had an interview with one of the
leaders of the partisans.
In Russia no chnage is reported from the
Kyef sector. Our allies are 15 miles
away from Gomel: Sunday night
Gomel and other railwaystations were
bombed. On the .......-front good progress
is being made and also on the front from
Smolensk to .......
Frank Gillard our correspondent says
that after 4 day of continued pressure
by our forces the Germans in Salerno
seem to have enough of it and are falling
back. The pressure on the Japanese at
Finchhafen is kept on and our troops are
supported by dive-bombers. Admiral
...... said last night that Kayzer's
shipyard at Portland (Oregon) had hurried
out 22 ships last month, undoubtedly
a record. 
original text 0228  9/28/1943    Kaiser Shipyards 
29-9-1943. R. Wessel.
The red army has driven the Germans out
of nearly 1200 places of which 1000 on the
northern half of the front.
Especially in the North good progress has
been made.
In the northern sector swift progress is
being made and on the way to .......
our allies are 20 miles from Smolensk.
and the same distance in the direction
of .... . From Roslow they advanced 50
miles in 3 days.
The left wing of the fores at Mogilef has
linked up with the Gomel front.
Nearly all places on the Eastern bank of
the Dnjepr have been captured.
There are no Russian reports of efforts
to cross the Dnjepr.
The 8th army has captured Foggia and the
extensive airfileds there. The 5th army is
also progressing. Around Arwak airfield
we have bombed airfields and destroyed 50
Japanese planes on the ground. Shipping
in the harbour was attacked at mast-
height. Some 20 enemy fighters came up to
intercept our forces and many of
these were shot down. In the fighting around 
original text 0229  9/29/1943  for Roslow read Rostov
for Mogilef read Mogilėv
for Arwak read Arawa (possibly) 
Finchhaven the enemy's casualties are
heavy and ours are light.
For 6000 women the prime minister
made a speech in the Albert Hall.

2.= pm. Frank Philips
In Italy the 8th army is ..... ...... face
of weak resistance and the 5th army has
driven the enemy out of strong positions
west and North of Salerno.
One evening plane has been shot down in
operations over Italy and none of our
machines were lost.
From attacks by Middle East.... ..... ....
in Greece 3 planes have not returned.
The Germans report they have forced
Italian and partisans out of the port of
King Peter of Yugoslavia has arrived in Caļro
.... .
Aircraft of the Russian blackseafleet
has attacked German troops n the
Ta.... peninsula. 
original text 0230  9/29/1943  for Finchhaven
read Finschhafen (probably) 
30-9-1943. 9.= am. Frederick Allen
Our bombers were out over Germany last
The red army have captured ......... and an
island in the Dnjepr 1/4 of a mile from Kyef.
In dead alone the Germans lost thousands
The struggle for ......... has lasted 3
days and eventually the place was
captured by storm.
In the Gomel-area 170 towns and villages
were captured.
120 places were captured in the Smolensk
area as well as a place halfway between
Smolensk and ........ ...... the Russians
are now 40 miles from this place.
In Italy our troops are less than 20
miles from Naples and for 48 hours our
troops are entering the Naples plain.
Tough action but small in scale took
place at Pompei which place 14 miles from
Naples wass captured.
In our advance on Finchhafen we have
captured more enemy positions
Spitfires and other fighters have shot up
railwayengines in N. France and
barges off the Dutch coast. Our planes have
blown up the main Japanese ammunitionstore
at ........ 
original text 0231  9/30/1943  for Finchhaven
read Finschhafen (probably) 
1/10/1943. 9. am. Marris Shillington

The latest Russian communique
which is one of the shortest for a long
time reports more progress on the
Gomel, Mogilef and ..... fronts.
In the Gomel area 70 places were
taken and the advance amounts
to some 7 1/2 to 12 1/2 miles which is
also the case on the Mogileffront
Both sides reported bad weather.
From Italy there is nothing new
about fighting there. The 5th army is
still pouring into the plain of
Naples, Our troops are 12 miles away
from the city. The Germans announced
the destruction of the harbour.
The 8th army has captured Manfredonia.
On Bougainville island in the Salomons
12 Japanese fighters out of 35 sent up
by the enemy were destroyed. 
original text 0232  10/1/1943     
2/10/1943. 8.= am. Stewart Hibbard

Flying fortresses from North West Africa
have for the first time bombed Germany
in daylight yesterday. This ........
flight of 1800 miles round and over
the Alps. Munich was bombed and
also aircraftfactories at Wiener-
Neustadt. Our homebased bombers
were over Germany last night following
........... in daylight over
N. France.
The red army made more progress
especially in the Northern part of the
front and they are now 35 miles due
East of Mogilef. Gomel is threatened
by Russian forces only 12 miles
In the .... to ..... 20 place have
fallen in Russian hands.
2 Russian bombers were lost.
Our forces in Italy occupied Naples
Yesterday morning. The city was
still blanketed in smoke by the
demolitions the Germans had carried
out. According to Frank Gillard the
really important ruins at Pompei 
original text 0233  10/2/1943     
are undamaged.
Avellino has been captured.
Rome is now 125 miles away
and for the capture of it there are
two important points.
e can use Naples as a harbour
and have mastery in the air.
A Japanese convoy bringing
reinforcements has been
smashed in the Solomons.
In our attack on Finchhafen we
are making slow but steady
Dring September flying fortresses
dropped 5400 tons of bombs.
85 bombers, a litthe under 4 %
of the force employed was lost. 
original text 0234  10/2/1943  for Finchhafen
read Finschhafen (probably) 
4/10/1943. 8.= am. R. Wessel.

Our bombers raided Germany last night which
followed a day of airbattles from Holland
to Italy.
In the morning Merodas bombed airfields
in Holland and in the afternoon ....
.... .............stations between Paris
and the Coast. The attack was a low
level one and the bombers were escorted
by Spitfires and Typhoons.
Bombcarrying Typhoons bombed the docks
railways and sheds at Flushing and afterwards
carried on as fighters attacking shipping
in the Schelde.
Thunderbolts carried out sweeps
In all 24 enemy planes were shot down
for a loss of 11 fighters and 4 medium
British and German .... were in
action over the Channel last night
The Germans said a convoy was passing
through the Channel.
During September british planes went
out 25 nights of the 30 and during 30 days
also out of 30. Notwithstanding
bad weather 130 enemy fighters were 
original text 0235  10/4/1943     
shot down.
On 13 nights mines were laid and 10
major attacks during the night
The red army has made headway
on the Gomel and Mogilef front.
For the 3rd night running ...... and
Mogilef were bombed and also in the
South ........ .
In the South there is no news about
landfighting bur the number of German
tanks which according to the Russians
have been destroyed do suggest
heavy fighting on the line Zaporozje-
Over night there has been no fresh news
from Italy. Benevento was occupied
by the 5th army. There is no news so
far about the air- and seaborn
attack the Germans .... launched
on the island of ..... according Turkish
reports this island had been occupied
by the Allies
In New Guinea bad weather is hampering
original text 0236  10/4/1943     
4/10/1943. 6.= pm. Frederick Allen.
On the Eastcoast of Italy the 8th army
landed behind the German lines at
..... and advanced 15 miles taking
.... . The 5th and 8th army continue
to make progress and some German
prisoners were taken. The advance of
the 5th army is delayed by wellsighted
German guns.
Our airforces were active. 3 of our planes
are missing and 5 were shot down.
The enemy has landed in strength
on Kos and secured some positions
...... airfield on Rhode island
as well as Heraklion airfield in Crete
were bombed by us. 6 of our planes
are missing.
French troops have entered Bastia
the last evacuation port for the
Germans on Corsica.
Our landings at Salerno were
covered bij the aircraft carrier Unicorn
of 14000 tons and 4 smaller carriers.
The carriers Formidable and
Illustrious also took part.
Last night for the 3rd. night running
our bombers were over Germany and 
original text 0237  10/4/1943     
made a heavy attack on Kassel where
heavy damage was done. Our
Mosquitoes were over Hannover and
targets in the Rhineland. 24 planes
are missing. This morning flying
fortresses escoted by thunderbolts
which shot down 19 enemy planes
bombed Frankfurt am Main
where there are the Henschel Locomotive
Works and nearby Fieseler aircraft
factory. Slight raids in this country
took place, one plane was shot down.
The Germans in France have shot
50 people for sabotage as a repriseal
as was announced by Paris radio.
Enforcing the river east of
Mogilef teh Russians had to face
especial hard resistance.
In the South West Pacific Finchhafen
was taken and the Japanese
suffered big losses.
In East China the Japanese
have started a new offensive. 
original text 0238  10/4/1943     
5/10/1943. 6.= pm. Frank Philips.
In Italy the 5th and 8th army continue
to make progress but resistance is
Yesterday was a great day for our Mediterranean
airforces. One formation of flying fortresses
went as far as 30 miles from the .....
marshalling yard at Pisa were also
Targets in Greece were attacked by N.W.
African and Middle East aircraft
based on Italy. Mitchells escorted by
light..... carried out the attacks
whereas Liberators attacked on airfield
near Athens. One of our planes is
missing. At Naples it is still a mess.
90% of Naples harbour is unoperational
Frank Gillard in a despatch described
the damage and who says the destruction
is complete.
Fighting on the island of Kos continues.
The Germans landed in force on
Saturday morning.
Beaufighters attacked transport on
the island with canonfire.
The liberation of Corsica is complete
our bombers chose Frankfurt on
Main last night as their target. Large 
original text 0239  10/5/1943     
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