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were still burning from the previous
daylight attack when our bombers arrived
Frankfurt's population is half a million.
Lancasters bombed Ludwigshafen
In Russia there is a relative lull 3
month after the Germans their
The Germans are established between
the Sea of Azof and the Dnjepr bent
holding the ...... from Crimea
through ......... .From Dnjepropetrowsk the Russians
control the Eastern bank of the Dnjepr
up to kyef. For the rest the Germans try
to hold Gomel, ...., ....... and
MogilŔf. In the far East 40 barges loaded
with Japanese troops were destroyed.
In New Guinea further advances were
made towards ..... . 9 enemy
planes were shot down. In East China
stiff fighting takes places but reports
from correspondents say that the
Japanese are retreating after heavy losses.
General Smuts is in England again
and arrived at an airfield near
London this morning Lord .........
said that fresh vegetables are scarce this 
original text 0240  10/5/1943     
season but stocks have been built up
of orangejuice, ............, black
currants ....... and ...... etc.
Admiral Sir Dudley Pound
has through ill health resigned as
Lord of the admiralty. Admiral
Cunningham succeeds him.

6/10.1943. 8.= am.
Intense activity on the Russian fronts
is reported. During Monday the Russians
destroyed or disabled 53 German tanks
and shot down 48 planes.
The 5th army is pusking Northward from
Naples to the ........... riverline
Two good airfie;ds with concrete runways
have fallen in our hands in the Naples
area. 8th army ....... to srengthen
..... . There is no news about the fighting
on Kos. Fighters and fighterbombers were
over France and the Low Countries
An ........... at Ghent was attacked
and also barges, railway engines.
and aircraft on the ground. 6 planes are
missing from the day's .... . Our homefleet
and ... ships are out .... enemy ships
off Norway. 
original text 0241  10/5/1943     
6/10/1943. 6.= pm. Stewart Hibbard.
5th army troops are reported to have crossed
the ....... at one point. ........ has been
captured and also Maddal....
The advance as a whole is still short ofhh
the ........ river line.
In its ..... regions the ....... is 100 feet
wide. All bridges except one over the
river were blown some days ago.
The 5th army is fighting a uphill
battle and enemy's resistance is
stiffening. Flying fortresses have
raided the railway yards at
Bologna in N. Italy. This place has
been bombed 5 times in a month
Our last attack carried out in 4
waves ....., was heavier than
ever before. Stiffening enemy's
resistance has also increased in
the Central Section and on the Adriatic
coast. The .... African Airforce has
struck at airfields and of 50 enemy
fighters over Bologna 8 were shot down.
Viz. Messerschmitts and Focke
Wulfs our fortresses returning over
Pisa from Bologna found fires caused
the previous day still burning.
Fighting on the island of Kos is still going 
original text 0242  10/6/1943     
˛n. In Russia progress is ........ to the
....... sector. 30 miles away from
...... a place has been captured.
.......... and Zaparozje has been
bombed bij the Russians. In the Black
Sea Russian planes are still sinking
German ships. 600000 head of
cattle will return from the East of
Russia to the West 200000 have
already arrived. In the far East our
troops have captured another village
on their way to ........., which place
is still 60 miles away and a most
important Japanese base in North
East New Guinea. Allied bombers
again concentrated their attacks
on barges.

7/10/1943 8.= am. Stewart Hibbard
Nothing fresh officially has been
reported during the night
no up to date news is available of
fighting in Italy. The 8th army is
encountering the toughest resistance
yet on the mainland of Italy.
Moscow reports no change on the
Russian front. The day before 
original text 0243  10/6/1943     
yesterday 16 tanks were destroyed
a report from Pearl Harbour says
that Tuesday Japanese positions
and installations on Wake Island
were heavily attacked by a strong
US taskforce.
In New Guinea the Japanese are
being pursued. Our airforces
are attacking the enemy 50 miles
ahead of our troops.
The total amount of shipping
available to the United Nations
amounts to over 50000.000 tons.
The collapse of Italy has saved
another 500000 tons.
There was a little enemy activity
over SE England during the night
a small number of casualties
and little damage are reported

7/10 6 pm. .............. Philips
The 6yh army repelled a powerful infantry
and tank attack. Our forces were enforced
and two British destroyers helped to beat
of the attack by shelling the enemy positions.
heavy fighting had to be delivered by the
8th army, the toughest since landing on
Italy's mainland. The battle rages round 
original text 0244  10/7/1943     
Termoli. The 5th army is progressing
slowly towards the ............... line
our airforces play an important part.
Lord Louis Mountbatten who has
arrived in India by air was met
in New Delhi by British, American and
Chinese officers.
Flying fortresses have bombed some
200 enemy trucks near Termoli
also railway installations near
Triest. 6 enemy planes were shot
down and we lost 3. the whole of
IstriŰ near Yugo-Slav border is in
revolt. fighting takes place everywhere.
our submarines in the Mediterranean
have damaged and sunk 6 enemy
ships. The Germans say the Russians
have begun to attack orth of ......
Nothing fresh has been reported about
the heavy bombardment of Wake
Island by the American naval force
which is understood to include a
original text 0245  10/7/1943     
8/10/1943. 6.= pm. Richard Wessel
The 5th army is established on the Southern
bank of the Volturno river for 18 miles
Capua is in our hands. The actual
crossing of the river is expected to be
comparatively easier
The 8th army has improved its positions
round Termoli. Several more counter-
attacks were repulsed. Our troops have
delivered a powerful attack which
met with success. An artillery barrage
lasted 40 minutes and was partially
recorded during this bulletin.
Russian troops are clearing the
east.... of the ....... peninsular
and extending their Western
bridgeheads of the Dnjepr.
The 16th German Pantserdivision has
been removed from the Naples to the
Termoli area. In all it seems there are
6 German divisions in Italy viz:
15th and 26th pantserdiv. Hermann
Goering pantserdiv. 29th pantser-
grenadiers, 12th parachutediv.
Owing to bad weather only our
fighterbombers were active over Italy.
Light naval forces have destroyed
a convoy. American flying fortresses 
original text 0246  10/8/1943     
with a thunderbolt escort have
attacked Bremen today. Details are
not yet available. .............based
bombers last night attacked Stuttgart
and Friedrichshafen. 7 of our planes are
missing. Mosquitoes bombed Munich
and mines were also laid in enemy
waters. 3 raiders were destroyed in 30 tons of bombs
were dropped. The crossing of the Dnjepr
is not the only Russian success.
Russian troops in Taman Peninsula
are in sight of the Crimea over the Kertsj

9/10-1943 8.= am.
Our bombers were over Germany last
night. In yesterday's daylight attack
on Bremen the American fortresses
and their Thunderbolt escorts destroyed
at least 142 enemy fighters and damaged
a hundred more. 30 heavy bombers
and 3 of our fighters are missing
In small raids over this country
2 raiders were destroyed.
Last night's Russiancomminique
reported progress on 4 fronts. Western
bridgehead on the Dnjepr were extended 
original text 0247  10/8/1943  for Kertsj read Kerch  Taman Peninsula 
The last German in the Taman Peninsula
are being wiped out.
On the ...... front the Russians are now
30 miles along the railway to .......
and the advance during the day amounted
to 7 1/2 miles.
In the ... area 60 more places were
captured. During the day on the whole
front 50 ... . 87 places were destroyed.
The 5th army is heading the South .....
of the Volturno for 17 miles from Capua
to the Sea ... the Termoli sector we
also advanced. Early that week it was
sticky business for our forces on the
Allied warships on the Southwest
Pacific have sunk a cruiser and At home
2 destroyers in a small action
by light naval forces off ..... la ....
From Bengal it is reported that this
...... get sufficient food.
At home this years ...................
a good one Shopkeepers have now to
mark purchases in the .............
unless there is a local shortage. 
original text 0248  10/8/1943     
11/10/1943. 8.= am. Frank Phillips
For the third day running Americans
bombers and thir escortplanes
destroyed over a hundred enemy fighters
which opposed them.
There is no news from Italy.
Yesterday the American 8th airforce
struck another crippling blow on
the Luftwaffe. .............railway
installations and junctions as
well as ....... were attacked.
One of our formations was opposed
by some 200 enemy fighters.
Fortresses shot down 81 machines
and escorting thunderbolts
another 21. 30 fortresses and 2
thunderbolts are missing.
The American airforces is said in
London to have dropped on Germany
this month 4400 tons of bombs
and destroyed 540 enemy planes.
On Saturday aircraft factories
at Marienburg were attacked
North of the Voturno German tanks
units are assembling but sofar
the 5th army has not attempted a
crossing of the rainswollen river 
original text 0249  10/11/1943     
whereas the 5th army is advancing
Northward the 8th army is doing so
All day yesterday German tanks and
infantry forces made as many as
8 counterattacks on Dnjepr bridgeheads
In white Russia teh advance on Gomel
has begun again and the Russians are
now 10 miles South and 13 miles East
from Gomel. Also 26 miles from
.... and about the same distance
from ...... . In this sector 140 towns
and villages fell to the Russians.
whereas the advance amounted to
7 1/2 miles. Beyond ... the Russians
are also advancing but more slowly
40 towns and villages were captured
in this area. Large German stores
have fallen in Russian hands.
........ have been issued about a
new 17 pounder anti tankgun.
Kaelombangara in the Solomons
has been captured an evacuation
barges bombed 
original text 0250  10/11/1943  for Kaelombangara read Kolombangara   
11/10/1943. 6.= pm. Stewart Hibbard.
The admiralty has given news during the
last half hour of activity by our midget
submarines which have hit and damaged
the German Tirpitz below the waterline.
The attacks were carried out by HM.
midget submarines on the 22bd. September
in Norwegian waters. 3 submarines
have not returned and some of the crew
may be in enemy hands
The Tirpitz was lying in .....fjord
in Northern Norway and the midget
submarines operated 1000 miles from
their British base.
In Italy the best progress is made
in the mountainous country
in the central sector where the advance
also of the 8th army is directed against
Campobasso which is an important
roadcentre. Montgomery's men
are also advancing to Campo Basso
Our medium bombers in Italy have
attacked enemy supplylines behind
the front. The firts units to enter into
Naples were as is now known the
Kings'Dragoon Guards. Afterwards 
original text 0251  10/11/1943    1st King's Dragoon Guards 
the Americans came
Our heavy bombers from N.W. Africa
bombed targets in Greece on which
the attack was concentrated in 20
minutes. The planes were fortresses.
4 German fighters were shot down.
....... was ..... by the
Russians on 6 points of the
1000 mile front. Especially at
the 3 Dnjepr bridgeheads fighting
was heavy and strong German
oppostion encountered.
In White Russia the hard fought
progress towards ..... has been
resumed. Our allies are now
20 miles from Witebsk and round
...... ground has been gained
The Germans also speak of
Russian attacks and the
details about them correspond
with what the Russians say. 
original text 0252  10/11/1943  for Witebsk read Vitsyebsk   
12/10/1943. 8.= am. Stewart Hibbard

The Russians have extended their
bridgehead on the Westbank of the
Middle Dnjepr and considerably
improved their positions. 5 times
the Germans made counterattacks
The Eastbanks of the Sossriver in the
Gomelsector has been cleared
of Germans.
In the Witebsk area 40 places were
captured. No further news is given about
fighting in the North and South.
On Sunday the Russians destroyed
or damaged 126 German tanks.
Airchiefmarshall Harris has
been thanked by the Prime Minister
on the succes in the battle of
Germany which has been achieved
by the 8th. Airforce
In teh S.W. Pacific the news is
chiefly about bombing. Autralian
planes carried out a night attack
on Makassar in the Dutch East
Indies. Landfighting takes place in
New Guinea. During the night there
has been no news from Italy 
original text 0253  10/12/1943  for Gomel read Homel; for Soss read Soz   
12/10/1943. 6.= pm. R. Wessel.

Great Britain is to use the Azores to
provide better protection to our convoys
and merchantshipping in the Atlantic.
The Portuguese government has
granted Britain facilities in the Azores.
as the Prime Minister announced
in the commons today.
Portugals neutrality remaines
uneffected. The arrangement is based on
the treaty concluded in 1373
between King Edward III and King
Ferdinand of Portugal and Queen
Eleanor. At the end of hostilities the
British troops will be withdrawn
and Portugal will remain neutral
on the European mainland
The request was made by England and
based on the treaty of alliance.
The facilities which will come at
our disposal will contribute
to defend our shipping and shorten
the war. The Azores ly in Mid Aatlantic
1000 mules from this country and
over 2000 mules from the USA
correspondents report add little 
original text 0254  10/12/1943     
to what is already known about the land-
fighting in Italy. ...... patrols are
active and ther are artillery-
exchanges whereas our troops are
pushing on to Campobasso.
The Russians have overcome strong
oppostion in extending their bridgehead
on the Dnjepr. In Italy the Allied command
is ........ its airsupremacy by extending
their attacks on Greece and the isles nearby.
Heraklion on Crete and Galazo on
Rhode have been bombed. On Sunday
Corfu was also bombed in daylight
... enemy fighters were met and our
planes returned without loss.
The Russians are closing in on the railway
from Witebsk to ..... . From Gomel they
are only separated by the river Sozz
In the Japanese sector of the was
there is chiefly news from the air.
The Japanese have bombed Madras.
British and American planes of
which 4 are missing have attacked
targets in Birma whereas Americans
bombed targets in occupied China.
Liberators have bombed Haipong
in Indo China. Australians raided
Makassar in the Celebes. In New Guinea
we are in contact with the Japanese
who are falling back on ....... 
original text 0255  10/12/1943  for Haipong read Haiphong   
13/10/1943. 8.= am. Richard Wessel.
The red army is fighting to extend their 3 bridge-
heads over the middel Dnjepr and had
substantial success in doing so yesterday.
Stubborn fighting almost ... ... ....
all day is taking place. During the day
43 planes were shot down. The only other
fighting reported is on the Witebsk front
and from the other parts intensive
patrolactivity with mortar and
artillery fire is reported. A tanker has
been sunk by the Black Sea Airforce.
4 of our thunderbolts shot down
8 Japanese planes in the Pacific
Barges in the Solomons were also
bombed.The Austalians are advancing
on Medang. At his pressconference
Pres. Roosevelt said that during the
last 6 month the Japanese had lost
130000 tons of shipping monthly
which is 1.400.000 tons per anum
and they cannot afford that.
In Friday's American raids on
Germany 850 planes took part
carrying 1200 tons of bombs with
5000 airmen and a million gallons
of petrol were used. One enemy plane
trying to raid Eastanglia last night 
original text 0256  10/13/1943  for Medang read Madang   
was destroyed
84.000.000 oranges will arrive at
UK. ports according to Lord Woolton
this week
Children up to 5 years get 2 lbs and
those up to 15 2 lbs.
Experts who have visited N. Africa and
Sicily say propects for supplies of
....... and onions are good.
but nothing can be said about
actual shipments
The minister said he was also
negotiating with Egypt for the crops of
fresh onions. Prospects for dried
fruit supplies are good.
A special Brazilian week at
Youth Centre has begun in London.
Nothing fresh is reported from Italy. 
original text 0257  10/13/1943     
13/10/1943. 6.= pm. Fred Grisewood

Two hours ago Italy declared war on Germany
The actual declaration was communicated
to the Italian ambassador at Madrid
and in the namen of the king.
After 4 ošlock yesterday marshall Bodaglio
broadcast over radio Bari.
He said tat the inhabitants of Naples had
been tormented and that there could be
no peace in Italy as long as there was
a German soldier there.
He also said his government would
shortly be completed by members
of all parties who will be invited to
take part
The relationship of co-belligerence
however does not alter the armistice
Fighting in Italy continues. The curve
in the front is being straightened
and more progress is being made
from Termoli. The 5th army is
consolidating its positions South
of the Volturno. The action off the allied
airforces is being restricted by bad
weather .... of the activities which
took place not one plane is
missing. The Prime Minister spoke 
original text 0258  10/13/1943     
first in the coaldebate on the nationali-
zation of the mines and said that
only an election could decide on

14.10.1943. 8.= am. Richard Wessel
The Japanese have suffered a big
defeat at Rabaul their main base
in New Britain. Over 100 ships and
over 120 planes were lost by the
enemy when allied planes made
a surprise attack. 3 destroyers
3 merchantmen, 100 other craft,
1 submarine and tender
The attack on the shipping was
carried out by Mitchells. Liberators
bombed the airfield and destroyed
126 bombers and fighters whereas another
50 were damaged. The cost to the
allied is 5 planes missing and other
damaged. The success of this attack
gives the allies air supremacy
The Russians have broken the
the defenceline in the Crimea
In further airattacks in the S.W.
Pacific 15 planes were destroyed
Bella (Vella?) la Bella island has now 
original text 0259  10/13/1943  for Bella la Bella read Vella Lavella  New Georgia 
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Records 241 to 260 of 422