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been occupied so that the whole of the
New Georgian Group is in our hands.
The line from the Dnjepr to
Crimea has been broken after 3
days of battle. The Russians broke
through the line in the vicinity of
Melitopol. They advanced 6 miles
and fighting is taking place in Melitopol
20 strong points were taken in this
Important battles take place to
enlarge the bridgeheads South of
Kyef where the Russians have also
broken through the lines.
Fighting is taking place outside
Gomel. On Tuesday 127 tanks and
90 planes were destroyed
There is nothing fresh from Allied side
about Italy. In the centre our
troops are 10 miles from the
important roadcentre of .......?
on the Adriatic side progress is
being made from Termoli
the 5th army is consolidating
its positions South of the
original text 0260  10/13/1943     
14/10/1943. 6.= pm. Fred. Allen.
The 5th army has forced the passage of the
Volturno and established several bridgeheads
on the Northern banks. They are now
bringing up armour. Tuesday night
operations were started in favourable
weather and the enemy has been fighting
fiercely. It is expected that these operations
will develop into the biggest fighting in
Italy so far. First the Germans crossed
the Southbank at Capua and afterwards
we crossed East and West of Capua.
Some of our troops had to swim.
Repeated German couterattacks
were repulsed and our sappers
built bridges across the river over
which tanks are passing. There are
reports that for the first time for
many days German fighters have
made their appearance over the
battlefront. Ours Spits encountered 16
of them. Our planes have attacked an
enemy base on the West Coast of
Italy and Tirana the capital of
Albania has been raided for the first
time by our Mitchells. ......
on the isle of Rhode was also attacked. 
original text 0261  10/14/1943     
The Germans announced they are advancing
from the port of Sissak on the
Dalmatian coast.
American heavy bombers escorted
by thunderbolts have attacked targets
in Central Germany today (they passed
over here at about 1.30 pm) no further
details are available
In an attack on Rabaul the total
number of Japanese fighters destroyed
is 26 out of 40.
In other raids the Japs lost 21 machines
against our own losses of 3 planes.
The Russians are through with the
German lines. The direct threat in
Russia hangs over Zaporozje,
Melitopol, Kyef and Gomel.
Most important is the front from the
Sea of Azow to the Dnjepr bent.
This is a very strong German line
in depth. The Russians have got
into Melitopol and are only 5
miles away from Zaporozje.
Germans did all they could to
stem the attack. Melitopol is a
place of 75000 people. ........ the
Nazi ............. in the district has
original text 0262  10/14/1943  for Sissak read Sisak   
been caught. Further upstream the
......... for the ............. is ...... .
Armoured rivercraft brought over
land is now patrolling South of Kyef.
German hopes to ..... Kyef itself seems
to fail. Gomel is already ... ......
and the Germans are destroying the
houses block by block.
Typhoons of bomber Command, all of
which returned have sunk 2 ships
of 500 totns off Brest.

15/10/1943. 8.= am. Fred Allen
Again yesterday the Germans were
under attack in East, South and
An order of the day was issued yesterday
at 9 oçlock by marshall Stalin in
which the starving of Zaporozje was
Zaporozje is a great industrial city
which before the war had 300000
inhabitants and lies near the
Dnjepr dam. The whole Zaporozje
bridgehead has been lost by the Germans
Early yesterday morning Russian
tanks took the Railway station. 
original text 0263  10/14/1943     
The Germans are still trying to ......
Melitopol and the railway from the
Crimea has been cut in two places.
For the 5th army the enemy fell
back. Latest news is .... in a
cable by Frank ....... in which it is said
that the allied attacks against the
Volturno has been successful.
We are across the river in considerable
strength on both flanks and getting our
tanks across too.
In Russia the middle Dnjepr bridgehead
North and South of Kyef have been
American headquarters last night announ-
ced that strong formations of American
heavy bombers attacked ball- and roller
bearing factory at Schweinfurt. 60
heavy bombers and 2 thunderbolts are
missing 91 enemy planes were shot
down by fortresses and 13 by thunderbolts
exceptionally heavy oppostion was met
from German fighter and anti aircraft
In the S.W. Pacific 25 intercepting
Japanese planes lost 12 of them
wheras we lost no planes. 
original text 0264  10/15/1943     
15/10/1943. 6.= pm. Frank Philips
5th army's bridgeheads across the Volturno
are being extended on the Northern bank of
the river. Tanks, troops, guns etc are
being hurried across. The Royal navy has
landed tanks and artillery behind the
German lines at the Volturno.
In the shelling of the enemy's positions
two of our destroyers took part as
well as the Dutch gunboat Flores
which had done the same work before.
As far as the 8th army is concerned
the Germans say they have evacuated
Campobasso to the North of .......
the important roadcentre.
They are also advancing along the
Adriatic. German resistance is
strongest on the front South of
Capua. Marshalling yards at
Turin and also north of Pescara
have been bombed. The attacks were
heavy and two of our planes are
missing. Our Middle East air-
craft also bombed targets in
Greece. General Alexander who
commands the 8th airforce said 
original text 0265  10/15/1943  For Philips read Phillips   
that in yesterday's attack on Schwein-
furt our lossses had been heavy
but our big loss meant an even
greater loss to the enemy who
had lost 50% of his ball- and roller-
bearercapacity. This afternoon
two fighters were destroyed off the
South West coast by our planes.
Right up to last night Germans were
certain they could hold Zaporozje
but they lost it yesterday morning
German confidence in Zaporozje
defences was well-founded
They made 15 counterattacks
a day. The red army had to use
great forces too. The Germans say
they have blown the Dnjepr dam
Russian shocktroops have
been clearing Melitopol
On the middle Dnjepr fierce fighting
to extend the Western bridgeheads
takes place. An American
reporter from Moscow sais that
in the rear of Kyef the mainline
has been reached. Saboteurs have
blown up 9 .... farmer stations. 
original text 0266       
in Denmark yesterday no traffic
between 8 oçlock at night and
5 in the morning is allowed.
South East of Bougainville we
have made a heavy attoack on
an enemy airfiels without
losses on our own side.
News from India is of patrol-
activity on the Birmese Indian
President Roosevelt spoke strong-
ly at his press conference about
the ban on Jewish papers as
declared by the Argentibe.
A recording was made about a
trip by RAF rescue-launch by
Richard .........

16/10/1943. Frank Philips 8.= am
Russian troops who have
captured Zaporozje have
swung round to the South
and made anew advance toward
Melitopol. In Melitopol itself
fierce streetfighting takes place.
The Russians have begun to
press down. They first pushed
the enemy back to the river at 
original text 0267  10/15/1943     
and afterwards swung round in
the direction of Melitopol advancing
7 1/2 miles.
For the second day streetfighting
takes place at Melitopol ... the
Germans who have strengtened the
area there by fresh reserves and
troops drawn from other fronts
are fighting hard along the
middle regions of the Dnjepr the
Russians are fighting hard too
extending their bridgeheads South
and West of Kyef. In the Gomel area
the Russians have made more
progress. From the other front
only patroactivity and artillery-
exchanges are reported.
In all there were 113 tanks destroyed
as well as 93 planes.
...... Nelson was .....
by ...... yesterday.
The 5th army is extending its
bridgehead on the Northern banks
of the Volturno. A continual
stream of our guns, tanks, troops
etc is passing over the Volturno.
General Alexander visited
General Clarke's headquarters 
original text 0268  10/16/1943     
just before the attacks on the
Volturno positions started.
A correspondent said this morning
that after the stiffest opposition
yet encountered from the Germans
and they are pulling to the North
The top retail price of tomatoes
will be 1/5 per lb. in Southern
England and 1/8 per lb in N. Ireland. 
original text 0269  10/16/1943     
18/10/1943. 8.= am. (too late to listen to news

The Russians are now on this side of the
Dnjepr South of Gomel and their bridgehead
at ............... is 30 miles wide and 15
miles deep.
The 5th army is now mopping up along the
Volturno line.
A new heavy bomber than even the
Boeiing flying fortress is now in
production in the USA for operations
during the spring. A light bomber for all
kinds of work will also become in
production. The thunderbolt now
known as flying milkbottle with a speed
of over 400 miles an hour and a
capacity to fly 40000 feet will get
more powerful engines
Production of merodas will be slowed
down. ... Wavell has gone to India
a farewll message was recorded. 
original text 0270  10/18/1943     
19/10/1943. 8.= am.
The Russian army is hitting the Germans
Between 3 and 4 1/2 miles was advanced
on the Dnjeprbent and 22 places were
15 miles South of Gomel the red army
is over the river Sosj and 15 miles still
further South hard battles are being fought
to extend the Bridgehead over the Dnjepr.
There is no news about the advance
from Zaporozje to Melitopol
In Melitopol streetfighting is taken
place for the 5th day running.
The fighting in Italy at the 5th army
front is summed up in a cable by
Frank .... . No German seem to
be left along the Northern side of the
Volturno bank
More than 5000 disabled prisoners
of war who are seriously wounded
and sick are being repatriated from
Germany. The changing will take
place in 3 operations.
A British hospitalship will go to
Gothenburg with German prisoners
and return to this country with
British, Canadian and Americans 
original text 0271  10/19/1943  for Gomel read Homel
for Sosj read Soz 
of the latter only a small number as
the Germans have not taken so many
American prisoners.
In North West Africa a German ship
will bring prisoners to that territory
and ..... German prisoners back
to a port in occupied France
In Barcelona also a british ship
will arrive and Germans will bring
Australian, New Zealand and
other Dominion prisoners.
Our bombers were over Germany last
In operations yesterday 4 enemy
planes were destroyed for the loss of
2 british and 3 American machines.
Last night some bombs fell in the
London area. Some fatal casualties
are reported and some damage was
The Japanese have tried to land
troops at Finchhaven, We carried
... attacks and on ...... in
the Dutch East Indies.
Mr. Eden and Cordell Hull
have arrived at Moscow for the
three power conference there. 
original text 0272  10/19/1943     
19/10/1943. Frank Philips 6.- pm.
The 5th army made satisfactory progress
North of the Volturno especially in the Capua
sector. Our troops advanced 4 miles.
The 8th army's active patroling continues
and 10 miles ...... from Termoli a place
has been captured. The Germans are now
cleared from the North Bank of the Volturnu.
There are fierce German counterattacks in
the Central Sector.
no enemy aircraft were over the battle area.
The reason for this is perhaps that we have
bombed 12 enemy airfields round
Hannover was attacked in strength
last night. Hannover is important
for its rubberfactory. 10 nights ago it
was also bombed. Mosquitoes went
to Berlin and places in Western Germany
for the second night running.
17 of our bombers were lost.
The marshalling yards and railwaybridge
at .... in Yugoslavia were also
bombed. Royal Airforce bombers have
attacked Rhode islands ... ... ...
2 planes are missing. Hitler addressed
a special meeting to which much
importance is attached by the Germans
original text 0273  10/19/1943     
at his headquarters
On the Southern half of the Russian front
large scale operations take palce.
German losses in and around
Melitopol are heavy.
A break through has taken place between
Dnjepropetrowsk and Zaparozje
The Germans report fighting on bridgehead
above Kyef which have now been
enlarged. Enemy tank groups are
operating behind the Russian lines
in this area.
Eden amd Cordell Hull have arrived
at Moscow yesterday to meet mr.
Molotov. The conference is expected
to start today. Eden spoke the Gaulle
at Algiers and also stayed at Cairo
where he spoke with King Farouk, the
King of .... and King Peter of
Yugoslavia. ... ....... was also
met. In London this afternoon
arrangement was signed between
Britain, Canada and the USA.
American bombers in India
have attacked Northern Birma
American fighters in China also
carried out attacks. 43 Japanese
planes were lost against 4 of ours 
original text 0274  10/19/1943     
in the South West Pacific.
General Smuts who is in London said
that last year things were lead
beyond extreme.
He said we must ..... an advances
in Southern and South Eastern
Europe. In the assault on Europa
America will have an important
part. Correspondents in Sweden
say that some prisoners arrived
at Gothenburg. We expect 4000 from
Sweden and more than 1000 from
original text 0275  10/19/1943     
20/10/1943. 6.= pm.
The Germans are retreating before the 5th
army in the hills North of the Volyurno.
The 8th army had to meet with stiffer
enemy resistance.
Yesterday the 5th army made more
satisfactory progress further north
the banks of the river have been reached
and crossed
not many German prisoners are
being taken
The ... ... of resistance may be
6 miles north of the Volturno on the
West of Termoli patrol encounters
continue and our troops are 10
miles inland from Termoli.
The 78th division is in the 8th army
line between Ancona and Pescara
the railwayline has been cut in
4 places and also airfields were
....... by our planes. The interception
of two more Italian ships in
the Adriatic by two of our destroyers
is announced. One vessel with a
German armed guard on board
was brought in port and the other 
original text 0276  10/20/1943     
was set on fire by the German crew
and had to be sunk by our forces.
Lord Wavell (Field marshall) was
sworn as Viceroy of India at Delhi
Middle East aircraft have bombed
the airfield at Kos and also on
Crete. Two enemy seaplanes were
shot down. We lost one aircraft
but ist pilot is safe.
The Germans make little efforts
to disguise the bad situation
for them inside the Dnjepr bent
At the press conference at Berlin
it was said "I regret to announce
that the Russians have broken
through our lines
Between ............. and Dnjeprope-
trowsk inside the Dnjepr bent
the Russians have broken through.
Reinforcements are being rushed
in by them. There is only one railway
running north to Kyef and the other
to the South.
Continued streetfighting is reported
from Melitopol. South West of
the town the Germans are counter-
attacking fiercely. In the meantime 
original text 0277  10/20/1943     
they are getting out of the Crimea all
they can such as cattle, household
furniture even .... ...... .
They do this by land but also from
landing stages they built on the
coast and over which cattle and
sheep are being driven into the barges
A mass deportation of Russian
..... also takes place.
Near the westbanks of the Dnjepr
a stronghold has been captured
a few miles from the centre of
About the Moscow conference
no communique will be issued
until at the end of teh conference.
American bombers ... by
Spitfires and thunderbolts have
attacked targets in Western
Germany. In battles 9 enemy
fighters were destroyed and we lost
2 planes.
Medium bombers without escort
have bombed Rabaul. 36 planes on
the ground were destroyed and we
lost 3 aircraft ourselves.
The Japanese made some progress
with their attack to regain Finchhafen 
original text 0278  10/20/1943     
21-10-1943. 8.= am.
The Russians advanced up to 6 miles
yesterday and broadened and deepened
their break through inside the Dnjepr
British ... fortresses covered by
Spitfires and the largest force of
thunderbolts employed so far
bombed a metal factory in the
Cologne area and also airfields in
Holland and France.

21/10/43 6.= pm.

Sir Dudley Pound First Sea Lord of the
admiralty died this morning
........ oçlock tonight a appreciation
of Sir Dudley's work will be given
The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg
governments have signed a monetary
agreement fixing the rate of exchange
of the Dutch florin and Belgian franc.

22/10/1943 ILL 
original text 0279  10/21/1943     
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Records 261 to 280 of 422