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26/10/1943 recovered from illness.

R. Robinson.
Marshall Stalin's announcement
of the succes at Dnjepropetrowsk and further upstream
has been followed by further news that
the Russians have come nearer
to the coast and broken the defence
line to the Crimea
40 miles of German Dnjepr line
has further collapsed and Dnjeprope-
trowsk is now in Russian hands.
In the Melitopol sector the advance
is from 3 tot 5 miles
Nothing fresh has been reported
from Italy since yesterday's
news of progress by the 5th abd
8th army. In the South West
Pacific 123 Japanese planes have
been destroyed on the ground
and in combats and further
planes damaged for a loss of
4 allied machines.
There is no news of the landfighting
on New Guinea. A few German
raiders have dropped bombs in
SE Ebgland and East Anglia
without damage or loss. 
original text 0280  10/26/1943     
British guns have for two hours been
in action over the Channel.
The Germans have agreed to
have shot down the Swedish
transportmachine last Friday
Yesterday 2 ships of prisoners
arived at Leith and 3 rd one
is expected today. 
original text 0281  10/26/1943     
26/10/1943. 6= pm. Steward Hibbard

The 5th and 8th army made good progress
yesterday and the Germans are going
back to their next main line of defence
more rapidly during the last 24 hours.
They advanced up to 5 miles.
Americans have made most progress.
The new line over which te Germans are
retreating is 80 miles long
Our airforces have carried out heavy
nightattacks on airfields north of Rome
and two of our planes are missing
On Sunday night 3 Middle East
aircraft were lost.
Allied troops have now been withdrawn
from the island of Kos.
4 Eboats were destroyed and 7 others
damaged when some 30 Enemy
Eboats tried to attack one of our convoys
for the coast of East Anglia for 5
hours all our ships returned
safely from the engagement. We had
casualties in two of our motortopedo-
Less than half a dozen enemy planes
crossed our coast last night and
caused little damage and casualties
original text 0282  10/26/1943     
The destruction of 123 planes in the S.W.
Pacific was carried out in two days
of heavy airattacks on Japanese
occupied airfields round Rabaul.
We lost 3 planes.
Rangoon and ...... in Birma
have been attacked by our bombers
General Bergeret has been
arrested in North Africa
A funeral service was held
for the late Sir Dudley Pound at
original text 0283  10/26/1943     
27/10/1943. 8.= am. Stewart Hibbard

The Germans have been pushed back from
Dnjepropetrowsk for 10 miles and they are
now only a few miles from Kriwoi Rog.
In the Melitopol sector advances have
also been made. 
original text 0284  10/27/1943     
27/10/1943 6.= pm. Fred ......

The allied advance in Italy meets
with less German opposition
In the mountainous country
........... the going is bad.
The Germans are still withdrawing
to a Northern line.
Progress is slow and weather is
bad ............ also our heavy
bombers had to remain grounded
Our light bombers flew to Greece
and no plane was lost.
The Russians are within a mile
or 20 from Kriwoi Rog which is a
vital railway ....... for the
Germans who are fighting very
hard. The Germans are withdrawing
from Dnjepropetrowsk and they are
having a bad time being pushed
back some 10 miles over a 40
mile front. Landfighting around
Finchhafen has renewed with the
Japanese counterattacking
Along ... ... ... has again
been bombed as well as Rangoon
area. Lord and Lady Linlithgow and
their three daughters arrived in this 
original text 0285  10/27/1943     
country by air
Lord Linlithgow has been Viceroy in India
for 7 years.
Exchange of prisoners at Barcelona
has started this morning. 
original text 0286  10/27/1943     
28/10/1943/ 6.= pm. Rich. Wessel.
Both armies are drawing closer to the
new line in Italy where German
resistance is stiffening.
Our troops are ... on. The Germans
are keeping up heavy artillery
barrages and it is impossible to use
tanks inthe mountainous country
General Montgomery's troops have
made further progress in appalling
country. The weather yesterday
was so bad for fighting that at was the
....... day for months. Whatever
operations were carried out were on a
small scale and no planes are
Middle East bombers have attacked
the airfield on Kos. .... island
South of Crete has also been
attacked. Non of our planes is
The Germans are fighting hard at
Kriwoi Rog but between Dnjepr and
Sea of Azow German resistance
has been broken.
The Germans claim the failure
of Russian attacks near
Zaporozje and newly arrived 
original text 0287  10/28/1943     
armoured reserves are being thrown
into battle by tem.
Progress was made in the ....
sector and also the threats to
Witebsk has increased.
Big further attacks by our bombers
on Rabaul the Japanese lost 86
planes destroyed whereas 43 were
damaged by our Liberators.
One of our planes is missing
........... on Celebes were
also bombeb
Two ships carrying prosoners of was
exchanged at Barcelona have
left that port for Port Said.
In Copenhagen a bomb has exploded
in a restaurant killing two
Germans and wounding another
and an Danish woman. A curfew
is in force in Copenhagen from 8-5
and the city has to pay crowns
original text 0288  10/28/1943     
29/10/1943 8.= am.
In Russia on teh Witebsk front a
number of places has been captured.
In Italy the 5th and 8th army is
making steady progress.
The Russians announced on 4 fronts
most striking succes was obtained
on the Southern front between the
Lower Dnjepr and the Sea.
Russian troops are 50 miles
beyond Melitopol and half way
between Melitopol and the Crimea
the wedge into the Southern fronts
has been broadened.
Inside the Dnjepr bent the
Russians occupied several
more places and repelled German
counterattacks. The frontal attacks
from Dnjepropetrowsk is meeting
with more resistance but progres
-sing. The 4th front is in White Russia
where .... 50 miles North East
of Witebsk has been captured.
The Russian airforce operated
on a broader front attacking
... German trooptrains at
Minsk. No fresh reports about
fighting in Italy have come in

original text 0289  10/29/1943     
since yesterday evening.
Allied troops have caried out a new
landing in the Solomons where
the islands of Mono and Stirling
were captured. Off New Britain our
light bombers secured a direct hit
on a Japanese destroyer and
damaged another one.
Lord Wavell has toured teh famine
area in Bengal and has placed the
resources of the Indian Army at
the disposal of that area.
Grain will be transferred from
Calcutta to the famine areas.
And also medical supplies will be made available
During November and December
the maximum obtainable supply
of household coal will be 10 cwts for
the South and 13 cwts for the North
Mrs. Churchill's aid to Russia
..... has passed the 4.000.000.=.= pounds
In Southern Russia the red army
has swept forward. 
original text 0290  10/29/1943     
29-10-1943 6.= pm. Fred Allen
President Roosevelt has announced
at his pressconference that the
Moscow conference has met with
succes and that agreements have
been reached and that the documents
are ready for signature
He spoke of a tremendous succes.
Heavy rain fell on the Italian
battlefields but our troops continue
to make progress
The German retreat from the sector
between the Dnjepr and Sea of Azow
is becoming a rout. West of
Melitopol desperate rearguard
action takes place. Big stacks
of warmaterial are piling
up. Centering area is Melitopol.
where teh Germans are counterattacking
hard since yesterday til this afternoon
a tankbattle is taking place
The Germans are fighting for ,,,,, to
get their troops back to the West
The Russians have advanced again
to Witebsk and the river Dvina
has been forced 20 miles to
the North East
In Italy there are floods in secure
original text 0291  10/29/1943    Dvina 
places and progress is slow.
Teano 12 miles North of Capua
is being threatened. Wednesday
night the American navy bombed
coastal batteries in the Gulf of
Gaeta 15 miles North of the German
lines so behind the enemy.
From the Adriatic coast stiff
fighting by the 8th army is reported
where our troops are two miles
from the coast and the same
distance from San Salvo.
Landing grounds 60 miles
North of Rome were bombes
two enemy planes were destroyed
In September 450 people lost
their lives inroadaccidents
Dockworkers and stevedores on
the Thames are on strike and
troops have taken over the work.
A few hundred men are out. They
want higher pay for what they
call dangerous work.
A Brazilian airmission is
touring airfields in this country
original text 0292  10/29/1943|96C90C|&TI=Gulf+of+Gaeta+%28gulf%29%2c+Italy|96A195|&TI=San+Salvo%2c+Abruzzi%2c+Italy 
1/11/1043. Rich. Wessel. 6.= pm.

The results of the three power conference
has first been announced
It is a message of hope to all free people
in the world.
Official news of what happened during
the conference from 19th to 30th
October is trhat measures were
discussed to shorten the war.
against Germany and het
satelites in Europe. Second in
importance to the question of
hastening the war is the matter
of collaboration after te war.
During the conference on this matter
of closer collaboration the Chinese
came in.
A general international organi-
sation must be set up regulating
also armaments after the war
A European advisory commission
will be set up in London and also a
councilespecially for the
consideration of allied policy
towards Italy. The main object will
be the utterly destruction of
fascism and the restoring of democracy. 
original text 0293  11/1/1943     
Members of the Council are the 3
treaty powers who held the conference
viz. the USA, UK. and Russia.
The French National Committee
will also be a member and Yugoslavia
and Greece who have suffered most
from the Italian will be asked
to participate
It has further been agreed that
Austria must become indepen-
dent and freeds also that
war criminals will be brought
back to the countries where they
have made their crimes in order
to be judged on the spot and be
punished by the laws of the ....
The above was made public in
a statement from 10 Downing
In Italy the 5th and 8th army
continue to advance slowly
The 5th army captured a town
of importance viz. Theano
10 miles North of Volturno
Enemy resistance however, is
[line missing?] 
original text 0294  11/1/1943  Theano = Teano   
on the French Riviera near Cannes
which was also bombed 6 weeks ago
from this country.
Flying Fortresses of the NW African
force did this now.
Our mediumbombers have been
to Civitavecchia whereas our
fighters attacked Tirana, the
Albanian capital.
2 enemy planes were destroyed
and not one of ours is missing.
About Russia the German
communiqué agrees that
South of the Lower Dnjepr the Russians
have broken through their lines.
The Russians reported the
capture of 200 places in this
area which means that the
Crimea is almost completely
isolated. The Russians reached
the Dnjepr below Nikopol
........ of equipments fell in
Russian hands. Inside the
Dnjepr bent the main battle-
field remains at Kriwoi Rog.
In the South West Pacific the
Japanes continue to lose
heavily in the air at Rabaul. 
original text 0295      Nikopol 
45 Japanese planes were destroyed on
the ground or in the air. We lost 4
planes. Japanese shipping was
also bombed and on land allied
paratroops are in touch with
the enemy.
Communiqué from India
reports more attacks by planes
in Birma on railways, bridges,
.....transport etc.
Mosquitoes attacked targets in
Western Germany last night and
one plane is missing. In a .......
raid on this country an enemy
plane of new type was shot down.
Details have been issued about
the Avro York long distance plane
which can also be used for short
distances. It can carry 50
passengers, wingspan is 102 feet
wide and its length is 78 feet whereas
it has 4 Rolls Royce engines.
The majority of the 400000 softcoal
workers in the USA are on strike and
President Roosevelt may order
to take over the mines. 
original text 0296  11/1/1943    Avro York 
2/11/1943. FrankPhilips.

The Germans officially report a landing
by the Russians on the Eastern tip of
the Crimean coast which landing
took place from the Koeban peninsula
The Germans say the Russians were
pinned down. The Germans now
lost the last communication between
the Crimea and the mainland.
The Germans are retreating towards
the crossings of the Lower Dnjepr and
doing so in chaos. German losses
are enormous. 6000 prisoners
were taken. One force surrounded
lost 2000 men. Inside the Dnjepr
bent strong German reinforcements
are being rushed up. The Russians
say the Germans are being driven
further to the So. West of Dnjeprope-
Only 18 hours after we published the
communique about the Moscow
conference the Germans mentio-
ned it for the first time to their
people. American newspaper
comment is enthousiastic
about the results of the Moscow

original text 0297  11/2/1943     
conference. Also China has welcomed
the conference. The Turkish foreign
minister and the british ambassador
went to Cairo to have talks with
mr. Eden. In Italy Casanuova
has been captured. American
flying fortresses have bombed
Spezia. 4 enemy planes were
destroyed and we lost 2.
Marshall Badoglio has returned
from an airtour of Southern
Italy. He is trying to extend the
basis of his cabinet. The invasion
of Bougainville has been succes-
fully completed by American
marines. This is the last island
in the Solomons and the Japanese
were reported to have 40000 troops
there. The landing was preceded
by a naval bombardment
Count Sforza wishes the abdica-
tion of King Victor Emanuel
in favour of the prince of Naples
the only and oldest son of the
crownprince and a regency
set up. 13000 tons of Canadian
apples of which the first cargo is
being discharged will arrive in 
original text 0298  11/2/1943  Spezia = La Spezia
King Victor Emanuel = King Victor Emmanuel 
Casanuova Badoglio 
this country before the end of the
year. First contingents will go
to those districts where there are
`no homegrown viz. Scotland and
N. England.
3/4 million turkeys and a big
number of ducks etc. will be
imported for Christmas from
Eira and N. Ireland.
The strike of the Thames dockers
now lasts for 6 days and
several hundred of men are
original text 0299  11/2/1943     
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