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4-11-1943. 6.= pm. Stewart Hibbard.

Both armies in Italy have made
good progress especially the 8th.
army which however meets with
strong opposition. one enemy plane
has been destroyed and two of ours
are missing.
On Tuesday Wiener Neustadt
was bombed by the Americans.
Dusseldorf was teh main target
for our bombers last night
The attack was made in great
stenght. Cologne was also
bombed. 19 planes are missing
4 enemy planes were destroyed.
Before the Dusseldorf raid the
Americans returned from their
heaviest daylight attack so far
on Wilhelmshaven which raid
was carried out by fortresses.
According to American
specialists Liberators and
fortresses are superbombers
but compared with the B29 bombers
which will soon be used they will
be shortdistanceplanes and
medium heavy bombers.

original text 0300  11/2/1943     
The Russians have reached the
lower Dnjepr and its mouth
nearly on a dozen miles.
In the Sw Pacific a successfull
attack was carried out by
mitchells on Rabaul and
warships there 15 ships were sunk,
11 damaged and 85 planes destroyed
US. submarines have also been
active in the Sw, Pacific.
Tens of thousands of American
miners have started work
again. Thames dockers are
also returning to work today.
Reports by American corres-
pondents say that Victor
Emanual has visited Naples
in cognito to meet Count
Sforza. There has been some
activity over S.E. England
Some damage was done and
there were some casualties. 
original text 0301  11/2/1943     
5-11-1943. 8.= am. Stewart Hibbard

Three ..... advances are reported in
last night's Russian communique
1. The Russians reached the mouth
of the Dnjepr
2. North of Kiew they have come furthers
across the Dnjepr.
3. Still further North they are only
50 miles away from the Polish
Further a survey is given of the last 4
months of battle in Russia from
the 5th. July to date.
On a 1200 mile front the Russians
advanced from 180 to 280 miles
westwards. 135000 square miles of
territory were regained alsdo the
graineries between Donetz and
144 enemy divisions including
28 armoured divisions were
routed. 98000 prisoners were captured
German losses in killed amount
to 900000
Total losses in casualties, killed
and wounded as well as prisoners
are stated to be 2.700.000 men.
original text 0302  11/5/1943     
The ... captured included:
289 planes 400 railway engines
3400 tanks 13000 railway trucks
7000 guns
15000 lorries
wheras destroyed were a.o.
10000 planes.
15000 tanks.
60000 trucks
Yesterday the triumphant progress
of the Russians in the South was kept
up at .......... opposite
Cherson they are 4 miles from
this place away. Germans get
no breathing space. Inside the
Dnjepr bent the Russians push
steady forward from Dnjepropetrowsk
Beyond ..... places were occupied
on railway line to ....
Moreover they are outflanking
Witebsk from the North. In Italy
Isernia has been captured
which fell to the left flank of the 8th
army. At the Adriatic coast
our new offensive across the
Trigno river is progressing not with-
standing stiff resistance. 12 Japanese
cruisers and destroyers from Rabaul 
original text 0303|969564|&TI=Trigno+%28river%29%2c+Italy  Isernia 
trying to interfere with our landings
at Bougainville were intercepted by
our naval forces.
1 cruiser and 4 destroyers were sunk
but no Allied vessel was lost.
Allied airactivity is reported.
A merchantman was sunk
Airfield at Rabaul was also
attacked. On Mono Island in the
.... ..... Jap .....
....... is finished. There has
been little activity over this
country. Bombs fell in two places
in the home counties but
nobody was hurt.
original text 0304  11/5/1943     
5/11/1943. 6.= pm. Robert Robinson.

The 5th army is pressing beyond Isernia
which was taken by the Canadians
The 8th army is meeting stiff resistance
near the Adriatic. Both armies had
a successfull day yesterday
Especially the 5th army had a good day
with the Germans withdrawing to their
next river line. Some of our troops
have reached the Southern banks of the
river. 8th army troops are across the
Trigno river and San Salvo has
been lost by the Germans.
In the air our offensive continues
day and night. Railway systems and
marshalling yards North of Rome,
at Ferri and Orte were bombed.
5 enemy planes were destroyed and
we lost one. The Russian spearhead
has gone right to the mouth of the
Dnjepr. The Germans have now
probably only one bridgehead on the
Russian side of the Dnjepr at Nikopol
Fighting is also taking place bear Kyef
and North of it. A special meetring
held by the French National Committee 
original text 0305  11/5/1943|96B42E|&TI=Orte%2c+Lazio%2c+Italy|83F36717|&TI=Ferri%2c+Teramo%2c+Abruzzi%2c+Italy
San Salvo 
at Algiers has decided that the Committee
considers herself not bound
by the decision of the Moscow
conference to set up a European
advisory Committee.
In daylight today targets in
Western Germany were attacked
by Liberators and fortresses
covered by lightnings and
thunderbolts. Details about the
raid are not yet available.
Attacks on N. France were
also made. President Roosevelt
announced that a meeting
has been held at Tsjoengking
where britisch, american and
chinese military leaders have
come to complete agreement
This means more bad news
for Japan.
Canada has offered Lord
Wavell to send 100000 tons
of wheat to India provided
shippingspace can be made
original text 0306  11/5/1943    Tsjoengking 
8-11-1943. 6.= pm. Frderick Allen
In 4 days the 8th army advanced 20
miles and has almost reached
the river near the Adriatic
On the 5th army front there are signs
of a German withdrawal.
Our North West African airforce were
very active with our lightbombers over
the 5th and 8th army front.
In the harbour of Split 3 merchantships
were bombed and seen sinking
Mitchells bombed both sides of the
Adriatic. One of our planes is
missing. Two of our destroyers, famous
for their actions in the Mediterranean
have bombed Durazzo on the Albanian
coast. Albanian patriots have
also had successes. Hitler's
communique this afternoon
gives the news that the Russians
have broken through and are pushing
out to the West and North West front
burning Kyef. Our allies have also
improved their position on the
Crimea. On the Central front beyond
...... places have been taken in
local fighting. Bombercommand
mosquitoes were over Germany last
original text 0307  11/8/1943     
night. One bombers and one intruder is
missing. Early last night bombs
fell in the London area. A dancing
hall with a ..... below it got
a hit and cinemas nearby were
also damaged whereas a furniture
shop went up in flames. As cinemas
were closed a lot of people were in the
street and a substantial number
of people were killed
Mr. Eden and the Regent of Iracq
were present at a luncheon
and at another luncheon Dr.
Wellington Koo also spoke
In the South West Pacific our planes
have carried out another attack
on Rabaul whereas shipping off
New Ireland and Bougainville
were also attacked. Allied troops
who captured Finchhafen
have captured an enemy
division West of Finchhafen
after a week of hard fighting 
original text 0308  11/8/1943    Wellington Koo 
9-11-1943. 8.= am. Fred Allen.

The Russians are exploiting their
victory at Kyef by broadening
and deepening their great thrust
beyong Kyef.
They are to the West 30 miles, to the
S. West 40-50 miles to the South 30
miles from the city. Fastof to the So
of Kyef has also been captured by the
Russians whereby the line between
Kyef and Kriwoi Rog has been
broken. The battle for Kyef has lasted
3 days and 2 German divisions
were ........ viz. 9 infantry
2 pantser and one motorized
division. 15000 dead were left on
the battlefield and 6000 prisoners
were taken. Russian forces at
Kertsj have extended their
bridgehead. The German radio
has put out a recording of what
Hitler said earlier in the day.
Yesterday, last night he said ...
that the Russian front meant
the hardest struggle Germany
has ever had. Most important
points in Hitler's speech were: 
original text 0309  11/9/1943    Fastov 
call to more united effort, revenge
for bombing, death for traitors.
General Maitland Wilson has
given a warning to Yugoslav patriots
not to help the Germans.
Yesterday in daglight for the first
time planes of the 15th American
airforce bombed ballbearer
factory at Turin.
3 German raiders were destroyed
over this country last night.
Allmost 15 acres of the 315 acres
of ...... have been destroyed
as is shown by photographs
half of the town is destroyed and 50
factories of which the railway
............ ....... of Henschel's
is most important have also
been destroyed or damaged. 
original text 0310  11/9/1943     
9-11-1943. 6.= pm. Stewart Hibbard

In his ... house speech today
the Prime Minister spoke about the
Allied Year of success.
German prisoners we have taken
in Italy say they have reached
their winterline yesterday the 8th
army advanced 5 miles along the
Adriatic coast
General Montgomery's men have
..... more ground on either side
of the main road from Capua to
Rome where heavy fighting takes
place. The weather is bas everywhere
On Sunday the N.W. African airforce
bombed Durazzo.
The German communique
issued today about Russia speaks
about the great weight of the Russian
attacks in the Kyef bulge which now
has a front of 125 miles.
Due West of Kyef the Russian troops
have advanced 50 miles.
Russian pressure on the approaches
to the Crimea is growing and further
landings South of Kertsj are
original text 0311  11/9/1943     
colonel Knox told his pressconference
that American troops have
destroyed a German weather and
radiostation on an island near
Greenland. He also said that the
loss of 6 Japanese cruisers was
a disaster to them.
The Japanese claims to have sunk
a number of allied ships was
American planes based in China
have bombed .....
Bombercommand Mosquitoes
were over Germany for the 6th night
running. None was lost.
The Germans lost 3 raiders
out of less than a dozen they
sent over here.
original text 0312  11/9/1943     
10-11-1943 6.= pm. Robert Robertson.

In Italy the 5th army has driven off
9 German counterattacks in 24
hours. In .... weather yesterday
our troops have pushed on and
the weather is now so that already
snow had fallen.
Montgomery's troops advanced
3 tot 4 miles along the Adriatic
German orders which we
have captured say that the Germans
must at least hold the winterposi-
tion 6 weeks. One of our correspon-
dents said that winter is now
coming in Italy very abruptly
temperature falls as well as
rain so the troops are buttoning
their overcoats. The two heaviest
of the German counterattacks
were delivered against british
troops. In all their attacks
however the Germans ..... no
..... although their resistance
is greatly increased. Liberators
escorted by lightnings have
again bombed the ball bearing
works at Turin and also at

original text 0313  11/10/1943     
Genoa the Ansaldo Steelworks.
Shipping on the Albanian coast
was also bombed.
One of our correspondents at
Algiers reports that the change
in the Committee of National
Liberation now represents more
fully. A place on the Committee
was offered to a communist
but he refused owing to the offer
being made to an individual
and not to the Communist party.
The person on to whom the offer was
made refused but the place
remains open.
The great sailliant beyond Kyef
has grown much and the Germans
have brought up strong pantser-
formations. The Red army has
captured another town to the SW.
of Kyef. Germans report strong
attacks and the weather is bad.
Correspondents say that in some
parts snow has already fallen
and there are signs that te winter
is coming now. Mr Eden returned
from Moscow today and was
on his return o.a. welcomed by 
original text 0314  11/10/1943     
Mrs. Eden and the nwe Russian
ambassador. Shortly after the arrival
mr Eden went to see the prime
minister and he is soon to make a
statement to the Commons.
Sharp clashes have taken place
between Japanese and American
troops on Bougainville.
where the Japanese have made
a surprise landing near the
Am. Marines bridgehead
In the SW. Pacific our aircraft
remained grounded through
bad weather. This afternoon
formations of our planes were
seen flying out over the Channel. 
original text 0315  11/10/1943     
11-11-1943. RichWessel. 6.= pm.
American flying fortresses escorted
by thunderbolts and lightnings
bombed targets in W. Germany this
Merodas with a Spitfires´cover
have attacked N. France viz military
objectives in the Cherbourg area.
Liberators have again bombed the
ball bearing worls in Italy.
Flying fortresses based in N.W.
Africa in daylight bombed the
railway centre of Bolzano.
2 out of some 30 fighters which were
sent up by the Germans were
Wellingtons bombed a viaduct
a few miles East of Genoa.
2 aircraft were lost.
Last night bombers from this
country attacked the entrance
to the Mount Cenis tunnel on
the French side. The attack was
concentrated and the weather
was clear. Mosquitoes were again
over Germany and mines were
also laid. Fiercest fighting in
Italy takes place on the road which
original text 0316  11/11/1943     
leads from Capua to Rome and on
either side of it and against the 5th
army. Stiff enemy resistance
is encountered and counterattacks
take place by units of some 100
men. In the coastal sector of
the 5th army front no change
important is reported.
On the 8th army front the weather
is bad. Snow is still falling in the
higher mountains. Little advance
is made. 2 enemy planes were
shot down over the mouth of the
Volturno. Medium bombers
bombed the ports of Durazzo and
Split on the other side of the Adriatic
one of our destroyers in the Adriatic
set a motorferry on fire
News from Russia is about
the steady development of the
great bulge beyond Kyef.
Russians are now 50 miles to
West and North West of Kyef, 40 miles
to Southwest, 30 miles to East.
Heavy fighting takes also place West of
Smolensk and ......... Russian bridge/
head on the Crimea were further ...... . Eden
made a statement in the House of Commons
on the Moscow conference.
General Smuts was also present.
original text 0317  11/11/1943     
12/11-1943. 6.= pm. Frank Philips

Heavy bombers from Britain and Africa have
made a double attack on .... at the Riviera.
Yesterday and last night the coastal railway
from France to Italy was bombed by our
N.W. African aircraft West of Cannes and
by planes based in this country on Cannes.
A ballbearing plant near Geneva in France
was also attacked.
Our mosquitoes were over Germany
including Berlin, Hannover and the
Ruhr. 7 of our bombers are missing
from the night's work.
The weather in Italy is bad. On the 8th army
front our troops are consolidating their
positions. The 5th army made small
advances. One of our correspondents with
the 8th army gives some impressions
and details about Basto and San Salvo
which places we have captured.
Road and roadjunctions ...
nearby these places suffered most.
Our fighters and fighterbombers were
active over the battlearea.
3 enemy planes were destroyed
and 4 of ours are missing.
Allied fighters from the Middle East 
original text 0318  11/12/1943    Basto 
have attacked Crete, Rhode and Kos
island. Also landingbarges.
Our ground defence on the island
of Leros shot down 3 Ju 88.
It has just been announced
that the Germans have made
an attack on the British held
island of Leros this morning.
Italian troops are fighting side by
side with the British.
General Roatta as has been
reported from Algiers has been
removed from the Italian
command and the .... of
Ambrosio is still being considered
It is expected that tonight a
communiqué from Algiers
will be issued about Liban. Troubles
in Liban have started the day
before yesterday when french colo-
nial troops arrested the president
and two of his ministers.
Nahas Pasja the Egyptian Prime
Minister has also protested against
this and arabs together at
Jeruzalem have called a strike
for tomorrow. The cutting of the
.. line Witebsk-Odessa which 700 
original text 0319  11/12/1943

Liban= Lebanon

Nahas = Nahhas 
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