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miles long line is still open to the Germans
.... ... ...... by the Russians who
are only 20 miles away from it.
Resumed fighting is reported from the
Southern part of White Russia
and the advance beyond ... is
continuing. In the extreme South
..... progress is being made in the
establishment of bridgeheads on the
Royal navy and Canadian navy
have destroyed at ... 25 u-boats
and probably 20 more. Civilian
losses in airraids during october
were 118 persons killed and 283 injured.
Australia is to make heavy
heavy bombers as announced by minister
Curtin. 14 Japanese planes were
destroyed in the SW Pacific against
loss of one of our machines.
Longrange bombers raided Soerabaya
and also Birma. Off Ceylon a Japanese
plane was destroyed. American fighter=
bombers from China made sweeps over
the Jangste. All returned safely Lord Wool-
ton is leaving ministry of food. His successor
is Col. Lllewellyn. Special xmas parcels will
be issued to prisoners of war.
210000 have already arrived at Geneva
original text 0320  11/12/1943,_1st_Baron_Llewellin 
American Mitchells based on Italy
have bombed Sofia and in doing so
were escorted by lightnings
Sofia is an important centre of railway
communications and railway
yard, engine sheds, sidings and
repairshops were bombed.
The attack was carried out in two
waves. Our first wave of bombers
met with some 20 fighters of which
6 were shot down and against
our second wave only some
four came up of which 3 were
shot down. For railway
traffic on the Balkan Sofia is
very important
Our forces on Leros have improved
their positions. Substantial
losses are being inflicted on the
enemy. The Germans landed
sea and airborn troops
American fighterbombers were
also over the Balkans in
close support of patriots. An
oiltrain was bombed an hit
... ... some 20 tricks were set
original text 0321  11/12/1943     
on fire. In N Italy attacks were also
RAF Wellingtons have bombed a
viaduct between Monte Carlo
and Cannes and also near
Cannes. ......... attacked ......
one of our planes is missing
Yesterday our fighters carried out
attacks in the Aegian Sea and
also on Heraklion airfield at
Crete. Heavy bombers bombed the
airfield on .... . 9 of our planes
are missing from all these
We are now sending troops to
Samos to reinforce our
garrison there
On land there was little activity
in Italy yesterday. Continous
rain is falling. In the Lebanon
thing are quiet but uneasy.
Our ambassador at Algiers
will speak there about the
shooting on Liban students
on Saturday night ... who were
waiting outside the British
Ambassy. Casey our minister
in the Middle East has been to 
original text 0322  11/12/1943    Casey 
Between Kriwoi Rog and Dnjepropetrowsk
the Russians have resumed their
attacks. One of our correspondents
who visited Kyef said the are
half a dozen bakeries open
Snow is falling. The watersupply is
.............. ans snow is being
boiled. Bombers are very busy.
South West Pacific Airforces
have made theri heaviest
raid on New Guinea.
One of our fighters is missing
Rabaul was also attacked.
5 Japanese seaplanes and a
1000 ton merchantman
were destroyed. 
original text 0323  11/12/1943     
16/11/1943 6.= pm. Frank Philips.

American heavy bombers based in
this country attacked targets in
Norway this morning.
Details are still missing.
In Italy the 8th army .... a bit further
against the right of the 5th army the
Germans made two counterattacks
which met with some success.
A description about position in
Italy with a view to bad weather
was given by George Higgs
Only a few fighterbombers could
operate over Italy. For the rest
our planes gave their attention
the Balkans where two
airfields near Athens were
attacked. The latest news from Leros
said that our forces there are
...... to heavy bombing
attacks from the air and that
fighting is severe. Up to date
news however is not available
Our bombers have bombed
Rhode airfield and not one of
them is missing. 
original text 0324  11/16/1943     
Yugoslav patriots report they have
had to withdraw from positions
in Macedonia and an island on
the Dalmatian coast.
Off Rabaul our catalinas got a
direct hit on a light cruiser
From India continued
patrol activity is reported on the
Birma frontiers. General Catroux
has reached Beirout by plane from
Cairo. He was met on arrival
by Gouvernor Hellen
Our mosquitoes - two of which
are missing - were over Germany
Over 1 1/2 million Turkeys will be on
sale this year. Turkeys however
must be shared out more evenly
this year than last. Oiltankers are
now being fitted out with a safety-
device which has saved many
a tanker so that they can be brought
safely into port. Description
about Pripet marshes was given
by a staff officer. This is a triangle
of which each side is about 300
miles long. Land is clay and
marshes are 30 feet deep.
original text 0325  11/16/1943    Catroux 
17-11-1943. 8.= am.
The Russian are only 7 miles
from .... They are making
a new move to cut Gomel from
its last communication
Yesterday metalmines in Southern
Norway were bombed by flying
fortresses and liberators
without escort, two of which
are missing, and which shot
down 6 German planes. 
original text 0326  11/17/1943    Metal mines bombed 
17-11-1943. Richard Wessel

After 5 days of bitter fighting German
troops got hold of Leros so that we
lost it. Out troops in the island have
been under constant heavy bombard-
ments. The island is some 8 miles
long and nowhere wider than 6
miles. It has no airfield but can
be used as a naval base for small
craft. Last Friday German sea-
and airborne troops were
landed. The germans had the
advance of close-range bombing
...... and the enemy had
local airsuperiority
Targets near Marseilles were
bombed and also the airfield of
Rodes. Owing to the German
occupation of Leros the
position of our garrison on Samos
has become much weaker. Greek
parachutetroops have now
arrived to reinforce our troops there
Beyong the fortresses attacking
Marseilles our merodas escorted
by lightnings carried out attacks as 
original text 0327  11/17/1943     
well. An airfield near Athens was
also bombed and in all we destroyed
13 German planes against one of
ours missing.
In Italy the Americans regained
some ground they lost to the Germans
the day before yesterday.
On the other fronts only local clashes
took placec.
Catroux is continuing his talks
at Beirout from where strikes are
reported. In Russia the danger
spot for the Germans lies 90 miles
N.W. of Kyef at Korestan and also
Gomel. Korestan is being shelled by the
Russians who are 5 miles
away to the East and 7 miles to
the So. East. The railway 35 miles West of
Gomel has been cut ... Gomel
may be taken from the rear.
The Russians are also extending
their bridgehead over the Sosj.
Russians have to meet with heavy
resistance but not nearly so heavy as
on the South. Allied aircraft in the SWP
have sunk a large transport and damaged
2 merchantships. Our mosquitoes were
over Germany and returned without loss
Economy in use of gas and electricity is
strictly necessary.
original text 0328  11/17/1943  Korestan = Korosten’  Korosten' 
18-11-1943. 6 pm. Fred Allen.
American Liberators made another
raid on the Norwegian mines
this morning. Details are not yet
available. Last night Halifaxes and
Lancasters bombed Ludwigshafen
The attack was on a swollen scale
but concentrated.
Our mosquitoes were over berlin
One plane is missing from the
night's work which is a small
percentage. The weather was
reasonably favourable. Our planes
only carried heavy high explosives.
In Italy the weather is still
apalling. ... rain is falling and
rivers are flooded. Only patrols
take place and our positions
were somewhat improved.
Weather, according to correspon-
dents, has also improved.
British and American fighterbom-
bers attacked roadtransport.
Airfields near Athens were
bombed for the 3rd time in 3 days
In the 24 hours of the operations
we lost 2 planes. General Sir
Henry Maitland Wilson has spoken 
original text 0329  11/18/1943    Henry Maitland Wilson 
in Cairo today about our loss of Leros
The germans made the initial attack
by some 2500 men. The Germans
now say they have switched their
air attacks to Samos.
Yesterday at Beirout two long
meetings took place between our
minister Spears and General
In Southern Russia battles ...........
for many month take place
The Russians fell back to new
positions owing to heavy pressure
by the Germans. The succes of the
Germans is a limited but
....... one. On the other fronts in
Russia out Allies are still
advancing and they have reached
the Dnjepr .. ... of Gomel which
place is now almost surrounded
Inside the Dnjepr bent the Russians
have resumed fighting. American
planes have bombed enemy positions
on Bougainville. 8 enemy planes were
shot down. American planes in China
bombed Hongkong. All planes returned
More reports are coming in about
sabotage in France/
original text 0330  11/18/1943    Spears 
19-11-1943. 6.= pm. Frank Philips

Last night our heaviest force of
bombers so far attacked Ludwigs-
hafen and Berlin. It was the strongest
force ever sent to Germany.
This morning American heavy
bombers went to Western Germany
Last night's attacks were carried
out simultaneously and 33
bombers are missing which is a
small percentage of the large forces
employed. Mines were also laid
in enemy waters. Large fires were
started in Berlin. Ludwigshafen
was also bombes last Wednesday.
In Italy the weather is our worst
enemy. Rivers are flooded, bridges
washed away and rain falling.
Our medium bombers attacked
railway targets 80 miles N of Rome
and also ... as well as transport
in the battle area and camps
further away back in Italy.
Trains were also bombed and
shot up in Yugoslavia. American
Mitchells have also bombed
Larissa airfield between Athens 
original text 0331  11/19/1943    Larissa 
and Saloniki. One plane was shot
down and 2 of ours are missing.
Today is the 1 .. anniversary
of the capture of Stalingrad from
which place the Russians are now
700 miles to the West.
In White Russia and the Northern
Ukraine. An important railway
junction 25 miles West of
Gomel has been captured whereas
the Russian occupation of
Koresten deprives the Germans
of a handy line to switch their
troops from the South to the
North. The Pripet marshes are
as large as Belgium. South of Kyef
the Germans yesterday launched
12 counterattacks.
Mr. Casey our minister in the
Middle East is reported to have
arrived at Beirout today.
Today the 1st communiqué
was issued from Lord Louis
Mountbatten's headquarters in
India and it speaks about ...
airactivity in which we lost one plane
only. In the South West Pacific
our bombers have been attacking
original text 0332  11/19/1943     
North Bougainville
Last night a little after dark a
small number of enemy planes
dropped bombs in S.E. England.
Protests have been made
against the release of Sir Oswald
Very little mincemeat will be
on sale this Christmas
Russia has sent a list of
medical supplies she urgently
needs to mrs. Churchill's
aid for Russia- fund. 
original text 0333  11/19/1943     
22/11/1043. 6.= pm. Richard Wessel.

Canadian reinforcements arrived
in Italy where the weather remains
bad. Large numbers of Canadian
troops have arived. The weather continues
to be bad. The 5th army reports no news
whereas the 8th army has improved its
position a little. Bombers of the N.W.
African airforce have bombed Civitavecchia
and a place on the Adriatic coast
Our planes were also active over
Albania. One enemy plane was
destryed and we are one plane
missing. Heavies of Middle East command
bombed without loss Heraklion
on Crete. Two detroyers had an
engagement in the Adriatic with a
small craft convoy.
The Germans say they have occupied
Samos this afternoon. We had no news
about Samos for some time
a few allied appointments in
the Mediterranean are announced
Duff Cooper is to become Ambassador
with the French Committee at Algiers 
original text 0334  11/22/1943  Civitavecchia 
Mr. Harold Macmillan has been appointed
british member on the Italian
advisory Council whereas Robert
Murphy is the USA. representative
The Red army's biggest gain is beyond
Retzjitza so that Gomel is in greater
On the Southern side of the Kyef sailliant
Germans reported to have broken
through. Hard fighting is reported
from Dnjepr bent There is no further
news of the landings on two of the
Gilbert isles. In the South West
Pacific .... got the heaviest
rais yet when Liberators dropped
148 tons of bombs on this ... in new
........ a port in S. China
was bombed by American
machines based in China
original text 0335  11/22/1943,699990 
Gilbert Islands 
23-11-1943. 6.= pm. Franks Philips

Berlin has its heaviest attack of the war
last night when 2300 tons of bombs were
dropped and our planes went over
in very great strength. The attack
started at 8 o'clock Beyond the Berlin-
attack mines were also laid in enemy
waters and in all 26 of our planes are
missing which is a very small number
of the aircraft which took part.
Pilots who returned said it was the
coldest trip ever made. our daylight
offensive continued today when our
planes went out over the Channel.
German reports about large scale
offensive on Italy are not
confirmed by our today's
communiqué wherein the battle-
area is described as a Sea of mud
The German counteroffensieve
South of Kyef saillant has
now gone on for 10 days. The Germans
say they have withdrawn their troops
So. W. of Gomel. The Russian bridgehead
over the Sosj has been extended.
In the Dnjepr bent fighting is stiffer 
original text 0336  11/23/1943     
and the first frosts are hardening the
ground The Germans suffered immense
airlosses in Russia and this with the
destruction of their factories in
Germany accounts for the weak
position of the Luftwaffe.
Herbert Morrison has spoken in
the Commons about the release
of Sir Oswald Mosley which he
considered justified.
In the South West Pacific the
Americans have made further
landings on a 3d island. 
original text 0337  11/23/1943 
24/11/1943 6 pm Stewart Hibbard

our bombers have again bombed
Berlin last night so that within a
week well over 5000 tons of bombs
have been dropped on the German
capital. ........ raids by our
mosquitoes on Western Germany
we lost 20 planes
The raid on Berlin was carried out
while it was still burning from
last Monday's raid.
Yesterday the force of our bombers
mostly consisting of Lancasters
was a heavy one and the attack
was concentrated in 20 minutes
The Lord Mayor of Berlin has
allowed an extra 10 cigarettes
to everybody who is entitled to these
In Italy 8th army troops have
made a little progress.
On the 5th army front there has
been enemy artillery activity
whereas rain and cloud kept our
aircraft on the ground.
Richthofen has been relieved of his
command over the Luftwaffe
so that now Kesselring is the ...... 
original text 0338  11/24/1943     
only Commander.
For the 3rd time the Russians had
to give up some ground in the Kyef
sector yesterday and the Germans
have not broken through yesterday
very close range fighting developed
in this area.
The Russians brought 19 German
planes down yesterday. West of Gomel
the Russians have improved
their bridgehead and also their
positions in the Dnjepr bent which the
Germans ..... Today's news
from the S.W. Pacific is only about
airattacks. One allied plane
has been lost by ground fire
and 7 Japanese planes were
shot down. The General Council
of the General Federation of Trade
...... has spoken against the
release of Sir Oswald Mosley.
John .... reported about the opening
of Parliament and the King in his speech
looked forward to heavier attacks on the
enemy next year whereas he also forecasted
important legislation at home which
will be concentrated on home, food and labour
There will also be an enlarged and unified form of social
security. The debate on the King's address has started
........ save an account of fighting in Aegian Sea 
original text 0339  11/24/1943     
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