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25-11-1943. 6.= pm
The 8th army is on the move again
and has crossed the Sangro river
The bridgehead our troops have
is miles from the Adriatic
.... and 1 1/2 miles to the North
of the river. The attack started early
on Saturday morning and
much opposition was encountered
It is learned from Algiers that some
of our units waded over and through
the river. Yesterday was a big day
for our N.W. African airforce which
raided Toulon and Sofia whereas our
Wellingtons bombed Turin. The viaduct
at Cannes was also bombed. 5 planes
were destroyed and we miss 4
Our mosquitoes were over Berlin for
the third night running. One of them
is missing. Although the Germans claim
more successes South of Kyef the
Russians deny some and say
the Germans .... no more
ground since last night. 
original text 0340  11/25/1943    Sangro 
on other fronts it is still going well for
the Russians
4 Japanese destroyers were sunk
by American ships in South
West Pacific between Rabaul
and Bougainville. The allied
ships suffered no losses.
It was thanksgiving day today
which was held by the Americans 
original text 0341  11/25/1943     
29-11-1943. 6.= pm. Frank Philips.

The 8th army's attacks in Italy now goed on
from two bridgeheads over the Sangro
river. The 8th army's new attack
was launched on Sundaymorning
by New Zealand, British and
Indian forces. A number of
prisoners were taken which included
men from Poland and Lorraine.
Allied bombers were active far
behind the front by bombing targets
60 miles NW of Triest, airfields of
Rome, ports in Yugoslavia and roadtrans-
prt North of Rome. We destroyed 8 enemy
planes and lost 7 of ours
American light and heavy bombers
were over Belgium and Germany in
daylight today American merodas
attacked an airfield in Belgium
and heavy bombers escorted
by fighters went to N Germany.
Last night our mosquitoes were
over West Germany and mines were
also laid in enemy waters.
Thursday night in the Mediterranean
two of our destroyers bombarded 
original text 0342  11/29/1943     
a small port on the Adriatic.
Russian troops are moving forward
from Gomel and have captured 150
places in this area. German
attacks in the Kyef sector continue
whereas in the Dnjepr bent strong
German resistance is reported
and Germans themselves report
local penetrations.
Mitchell bombers in the South
West Pacific are now fitted out
with 75 mm canons which
throw a shell of more than 13 lbs.
Enemy plane losses were 13, we
lost one.
Hitler made a short speech to
young officers which will be
published tomorrow.
American bombers based in
China have been busy off the
Chinese coast and also
bombed ... and Swatau 
original text 0343  11/29/1943  Swatau = Swatow  Swatow 
30-11-1943. 6.= pm. R.Robinson

Troops of the 8th army advancing from
their increased bridgeheads on
the lower Sangro river have broken
into the enemy's main defences
after 36 hours of very hard
fighting. The bridgehead which
was first established is now
4 miles deep and 12 miles
wide and near the mouth of
the Sangro. There is no news
about the second bridgehead
14 miles inland. Good progress
was made and the enemy
developed his positions in
great depth . Our North West
African airforce gave powerful
support to our troops
whereas Marauders and
Fortresses bombed .... yards.


original text 0344  11/30/1943     
1-12-1943. 6.= pm. Fred Gryswood.

Our advance across the Sangro is
continuing and there are no signs
of slackening. Heavy fighting is taking
place and heavy casualties
are inflicted upon the enemy
whose losses are considerable
We now have control of the high
ridge and our two bridgeheads
have been .... We broke into
the German winterline but not
through it and the Germans
are carrying out strong counter-
attacks. The 5th army made local
advances. Our bombers and
fighters carried out extensive
bombing and machine gunning
attacks over the battle area.
Our heavy bombers escorted
by long range fighters attacked
Fiume. 5 enemy planes were
shot down whereas we lost 3 planes
but the pilots of two are safe.
Our heavy bombers went to
Germany again today. Our
....... attacked airfields in 
original text 0345  12/1/1943     
Northern France and were
escorted by Spitfires. Last night
our mosquitoes were over Germany
and others went ......
The Russians withdrew from
...... The Germans are regaining
what they had there but further
north the Russians are regaining
much more. The Russians made
also progress on both sides of the
Dnjepr and are 15 miles from
....... Last month
13000 tons of bombs were dropped
on Germany. An ...............
.......... in the ....
regrets the release of Sir Oswald
original text 0346  12/1/1943     
Two December 1943. Rich Wessel. 6.= pm.

The 8th army break through at the Sangro
front has now forced the Germans to with-
draw along the Adriatic coast we took a
thousand prisoners and following the
Germans on a 15 mile front our advance
continues. We control 4 miles of the ....
road North of the Sangro. The Sangro positions
are not very deep but strong. The air support
our troops ........ was splendid.
Our tactical airforce gave its attention
mainly to the 5th Army. The attack which
is something like aerial artillery
lasted 3 hours with waves of planes
going in for attacks every 10 minutes.
Flying Fortresses raided the ballbearing
factory at Turin. In Russia
the German attacks on the Kyef
Salient seem to have died down.
In the South the weather is sunny
and clear. So in the area of ....
and Tsjerkassy the Russians attacked
and ..... airbattles took place. Fighting
is heavy. Mr. Bevin announced a
scheme for the compulsory ..... up of
men for work in the coalmines. 
original text 0347  12/2/1943     
He said that 30000 young men .... be
directed to the mines.
New rules have also been announced
for average pensions of which the rates
are increased whereas the regulations
are simplified. The extra payments will
start the middle of January.
Further the salaries of 17000 nurses will
be put on a national scale.
Correspondents in USA gave comments
on the Cairo Conference. Generalissimo
Tsjang Kai Tsjech arrived back in
................. where Pres. Roosevelt and
mr. Churchill are is unknown
W.C. dropped for two days ... Malta
where there is no blackout until ...
Last night our bombers - 2 of which
are missing - went ........ .......
An enemy aircraft which crossed
our South Coast was shot down
original text 0348  12/2/1943     
3/12/1943 6.= pm Frederick Allen

Bombercommand continues the
battle of Berlin by dropping more than
1000 tons of bombs on Berlin in half an
hour last night. Our bombers went out
in great strength the first arriving over
Berlin a few minutes over 8 o'clock.
41 of ours planes are missing from this
operation and also from out Mosquitoes
who were active too
over Berlin are of our pilots reported
hundreds of searchlights and very heavy
flak. In recent attacks on Berlin over
6000 tons of bombs and explosives were
dropped. Two warcorrespondents who
were with bombercommand are
reported missing. Our Mosquitoes were
were over Western Germany
In Italy the 8th Army is ........ its
breakthrough at the Sangro and advancing
along the Adriatic Coast where they are
now 7 miles North of the River. German
resistance is stubborn. Our troops
are now 6 miles from the coast at a place
The Germans have just announced to
have evacuated. On the Western side
of Italy the 5th army gained some ground
original text 0349  12/3/1943     
over the battle area our medium light
heavy bombers .......... German
...... We had 300 planes out and
not one enemy ..... ...... be seen
Heavy bombers viz. Liberators with
an escort of Lightnings attacked
Bolzano and also railway targets
South of Florence. 7 enemy planes
were destroyed and 8 of ours are
missing. In Russia the main
clash between Germans and Russians
has gone from Kyef to the So
of Tjerkassy where the Germans have
massed considerable forces with all
kinds of arms. The Russians are now
5 miles short of ....... In White
Russia the Germans are being pressed
hard and 80 places were captured between
the river Sosj and the Dnjepr. From Switzerland is
reported that the whole of the Vichy ambassy
the ambassador himself excepted has
resigned`. In New Guinea the Australians
are advancing. In the Salomons the USA marines
have made a surprise landing behind
the Japanese lines on Bougainville.
American planes based in China
have bombed Swatow East of ....... 
original text 0350  12/3/1943  for Sosj read Soz   
6/12/1943 6.= pm Fred Dryswood

A declaration by Roosevelt, Churchill
and Stalin has been published
Allied Armies in Italy battled
their way further into the enemy
lines. Montgomeries troops reached
the mouth of the ....... 10 miles from
the Sangro. The Germans have been
reinforced and fighting is heavy.
5th Army troops are mopping up
German troops making local
advances wheather is very bad and
there are no signs of a German
collapse. The Germans are having
trouble with their bridges
Saturday night light bombers
attacked German transports on
the Adriatic and on the Western
side of Italy a floating dock was
set on fire. Split in Yugoslavia was
also bombed. In the Adriatic Allied
destroyers were also active. .....
..... in the capital of Iran, Teheran,
by Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin
expressed their determination to 
original text 0351  12/6/1943  for Teheran read Tehran   
in peace as in war. Agreement has
been reached on the operations
which will be taken in the East, South
and West. 9 ..... of the future have
surveyed with their diplomatic
advisors. Invitations are made
to neutral countries to join in the
democratic .... family
The Declaration was signed the ...
December 1943.
The conference took place in the
Russian Ambassy, mr Roosevelt
was Stalin's guest at the Soviet
ambassy and mr. Churchill stayed
at the British legation. The conference
was held on Sunday, monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday. A sword of honour
was presented by Churchill to Stalin
in the name of the King.
A new list of successes by our
submarines has been published
today a.o. in the Gulf of Genoa a
landingcraft with transports was
sunk and off Toulon a tanker
In White Russia the Russians are
pushing on and also at .........
whereas at Tjeskassy German 
original text 0352  12/6/1943  for ambassy read embassy   
counterattacks are being held
A German force which landed
between Cherson and Odessa
was wiped out and prisoners
Australian troops in New Guinea
have rolled back 3 Japanese
counterattacks. In aerial operation
over the South West Pacific we lost
one plane and the Japanese 3.
American Liberators bombed
the Gilbert and Marshall Islands
All planes returned but 4 were
damaged by Japanese anti
aircraft fire. Japanese planes were
not seen.
5 ships, viz. 1 destroyer and 4
cornets which are to bear Greec names
are to be handed over to the Greec navy
The sons of King Abdul presented
and Arabian sword to mr. Churchill
which was accepted on behalf of
him by mrs. Churchill. 
original text 0353  12/6/1943  Cherson=Kherson
for Greec read Greek


Gilbert and Marshall Islands campaign

Gilbert Islands 
7/12/1043. 6.= pm Richard Wessel

In Italy the 8th army is fighting along a
15 mile front, contained its advance
along the Adriatic coast and crosses
the river ......
German counterattacks in some
sectors gained some ground but
elsewhere there were no gains
The is dogged opposition by the Germans
near the coast in a sharp tankbattle
4 German tanks were destroyed.
In the hills heavy rain interfered
with our progress and the weather
was so bad that no assistance from
the air could be given. The 5th army is
holding the most essential positions
our mosquito bombers on Sunday
night bombed German airfields in the
middle of Italy.
Today is the second anniversary
of the Japanese attack on Pearl
Harbour. Flying fortresses attacked
two airfields in Greece as well
as Liberators. Our Spitfires were
over Albania 2 allied planes are
missing. So. West of ........... the
Russians made a tremendous 
original text 0354  12/7/1943     
success. The Germans are left with
only one railwayline running
from Nikopol through Kriwoi Rog
but this line is under
Russian artillery fire
The Germans changed their counter-
attacks from Tjserkassy to the Kyef
original text 0355  12/7/1943  Tsjerkassy=Cherkasy  Cherkasy 
8/12/1943. 6.= pm Frederick Allen

In Italy both armies continued to
advance notwithstanding strong
enemy resistance
The 5th army has repulsed enemy
counterattacks against the Morro
line. The country remains
.... and weather bad.
On the 8th army front the Germans
suffered heavily our airforces were
again hampered by bad weather
our medium bombers attacked
harbours on both sides of Italy
6 enemy planes were destroyed
and all ours returned
safely. Civitavecchia North of Rome
and Pescara both ports resp.
Western and Eastern side of Italy
were bombed. General Smuts on
his way back to S. Africa spoke at
Cairo. The Russians strenghtened
their position So. West of .....
.... enemy pressure in the Kyef
sector continues where snow is
now falling. In White Russian local
fighting takes place and more heavy 
original text 0356  12/8/1943  Morro=Moro  Moro River Campaign 
... snowfall is reported from there
The Germans claim that Rumanian
troops have smashed the Russian
bridgehead at Kertsj no confirmation
is available from Russian side
The Germans say 2000 prisoners
were taken and plenty of airactivity
seems to take place in the Crimea
The Germans have brought up
reinforcements from Greece, Albania
and Bulgaria against the patriots
in Yugoslavia where now heavy
fighting takes place in Bosnia around
Serajewo. It is said that the Germans
have broken through. 
original text 0357  12/8/1943     
10-12-1943. 6.= pm Robert Robinson
A special order of the day by marshall
Stalin has announced the
capture of ............ (Spelling?)
after 3 days of fierce fighting
at Moscow this afternoon 12
salvos saluted this capture
Russian troops are now less
than 20 miles from Kirowograd.
Canadian troops of the 8th army
started another heavy attack
along the Adriatic and were
supported by tanks. The
Canadians now hold strong positions
north of the little Morro river and
are going into the direction of Pescara
The splendid close cooperation between
our army and the Airforces
continues. Light and medium bombers of which 4 are missing
have bombed harbours on both
sides of Italy. Badoglio has announced
that the first unit of Italian troops
is fighting on allied side.
President Roosevelt on his way
back from Teheran and Cairo
visited Malta where he was ..... 
original text 0358  12/8/1943  Kirowograd=Kirovohrad  Kirovohrad  
... ..... The admiralty announced
that in the vicinity of IJmuiden
this morning a German convoy
was encountered which consisted
of 4 supply ships, 4 Eboats and a
number of smaller craft. One
supply ship was sunk.
our aircraft operating from the
Azores improved the the uboat position
The number of uboats sunk in
november exceeds the number of
their victims
The London County Council proposes
..... 165000 houses in the first year
after the war.
Minister W.S. Morrison Minister
for Town- and Country planning
has said that the creation of
new towns and the expansion of
present ones is inevitable 
original text 0359  12/10/1943     
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