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13/12/1943. 6.= PM. Stewart Hibbard

The 8th army made some progress in
Italy. Canadian troops on the right
...... have captured a high overlooking
Ortona. Our positions North of the
Morro river have been improved
and widened. 5th army positions
remain unchanged. German
counterattacks were repelled.
Since our landing in Italy we took
6000 German prisoners. Bad wheather
has hampered airactivity and
..... one of our planes is missing.
Reports from Turkey say that
before the raid on Sofia 200 German
transportplanes arrived there.
American Maurauders with a
fighter escort went for an airfield near
Amsterdam. Our Mosquitoes were
over Western Germany for the 3rd
consecutive night. Civilian casualties
in airraids last month are
119 killed and missing and 238
injured and detained in hospital.
It is now reported that this summer 
original text 0360  12/13/1943    Ortona 
a great naval operation took place
off Norway in which took part the
battleship Duke of York as flagship,
the aircraft carrier ..... and
the cruiser Scilla all covered
by a screen of British, American
and allied ....... crafts.
An American task force went with
the ships.
The second battle in the Kyef salient
was still at its hight yesterday.
1600 men and 35 tanks were lost
by the Germans. Elsewhere the
Russians are less than 20 miles No.
from .......... and the Russians
have ... .... the same distance from
the East and South East.
President Roosevelt has been in
Sicily where he interviewed American
troops and issued decorations.
In N. East New Guinea Australian
infantry is pushing the Japanese
before them. Tanks cannot be
used there but cavalry is now
original text 0361  12/13/1943     
15/12/1943. 6.=pm. Frederick Allen
In Italy the 8th army made a little more progress
Canadian, India and New Zealand troops
made progress along the Adriatic coast in
front of Ortona where they are meeting with
very heavy resistance German losses are
heavy. 5 miles inland a village has
been captured The Canadian and
British bridgeheads have joined and is now
miles wide.
From the 5th army front only artillery
activity is reported The Germans had more
planes in action on this front since the
landing at Salerno.
A variety of targets on the Western Side
as far as Civitavecchia was attacked
on the Adriatic side the weather was bad
and only activity over the battleground
took place. Our North West African
airforces made their heaviest attack
on Greece sofar ...... more than 300
Liberators and Fortresses attacked
airfields. 4 enemy planes were shot
down. Our fighters were also over the
Yugoslav coast. From our raid on
Greece 2 planes are missing.
Middle East aircraft were also
active over Greece and the German
original text 0362  12/15/1943     
occupied islands in the Aegean
The Russians advancing Westwards kept up
their pressure on .......
60 miles West of Kyef a place was lost to
the Germans. Tsjerkassy was taken by
the Russians. The Germans claim no
fresh advances. They say ........ that
the Russians have started two new
attacks one at the Beresina and one
at ....... No news is given from
Russian side. 
original text 0363  12/15/1943     
17-12-1943 6.= pm.
1500 tons of bombs were dropped on
Berlin last night by our Lancasters
From this ..... and other operations
30 of our planes are missing.
One of our ....... pilots which went
out for reconnaissance after the
raid reported large fires. .......
was also done by our planes and
our Mosquitoes were over N.W. Germany.
The Germans say that damage was
done in Bremen. An article in
Das Reich mentions false radioinstruc-
tions given by us to German fighterplanes.
The news from Italy is of hard won
gains only. A statement on mr.
Churchill's health speaks of an
improvement in the general position
and reports that there is no spread in
the pneumonia.
A success in the Atlantic is reported
against two uboats attacking two
of our convoys. Both submarines
were sunk. In Italy the 5th army's
front is 12 miles from Ortona.
In this sector the Germans made
two major counterattacks by
new reinforcements backed by 
original text 0364  12/17/1943     
planes and tanks. Ortona is still in
German hands but they are setting
fire to the town so its evacuation
is likely.
For the second day running railway
systems in N. Italy were bombed
heavily especially at Padua. 11 enemy
planes were destroyed. Our tactical
airforce supported our troops in the
battle area and over Yugoslavia.
The red army's position in the Kyef
salient has improved. The Germans
were driven from various villages
which happened 60 miles to the
West of Kyef. The Germans say they are
in heavy defensive fighting in the area
of .......... In the So. the Germans have
been pushed further away between
Tsjerkassy and ............. Two Germans
gave evidence in the Charkof trial, which
continues about the shooting of
prisoners of war and civilians.
Tanks and infantry of the American army
are driving inland on New Britain from the
place where they landed. Casualties are
are said to be light. Our objective of operation
is to establish airfields on New Britain to get
rid of Rabaul. American submarines sank
8 Jap ships. Pres. Roosevelt is back in America
original text 0365  12/17/1943     
20-12-1943. 6.= pm Robert Robinson
This afternoons bulletin about viz.
Churchill's health reports a satisfactory
progress. The temperature is normal.
Today American bombers were over
N.W. Germany. In ...... attacks on
South German towns by heavy bombers
from Italy took also place.
Liberators and Fortresses escorted
by longrange fighters bombed Augsburg
and Innsbruck in Austria. The latter town
was also bombed 5 days ago.
11 bombers have not returned but
some may have landed in friendly
territory. Some 100 enemy fighters
went up of which 37 were destroyed
Innsbruck is the main railway
centre and the bombing of it was
accurate. In Italy 3 ....... behind the
German lines were attacked. 3 allied
fighters are missing.
In Italy the 8th army made further
advances. In the centre of the front
a village was captured. The 5th army is
also pushing on. In other sectors they are
pushing forward two miles.
The Red army's new attack at
Newel was launched a week ago 
original text 0366  12/20/1943  for Newel read Nevel'   
The weather has changed from day to day
Around Witebsk the Germans built
an iron wall with a depth of 3
miles, trenches, minefields and wire.
The big Russian attack started
by a devastating artillery barrage
and afterwards the Russians broke
through along a 50 mile front.
The advances amounted to nearly
20 miles to the So., SoW. and No. of Newel.
The front was torn wide open
500 towns and villages were freed
20000 Germans killed and 2000
prisoners taken. The .............. is
now moving from the No. and No. East
towards Witebsk and are only 60
miles away from the Latvian and
........ borders. In their communique
the Germans refer to Russian attempts
to break through at Newel. They say
they have evacuated their Cherson
bridgehead. The American's progress
in New Britain brought them to an
airfield 6 miles inland which ...
............. in their hands. 3 German and
one Russian traitor were hanged
in front of 10000 Russians in the
marketplace at Charkof 
original text 0367    for Witebsk read Vitsyebsk   
The ...... militia has been disban-
ded as was announced by the
German News Agency today.
There are now no more Japanese left
on the two British islands 1000 miles
No. of the Solomons. Japanese dive-
bombers and fighters are seen less
and less as American strength
in the air increases.
Japanese planes are also kept
grounded by allied attacks on
their airfields. Over New Britain 12
enemy planes were shot down
and 4 allied planes have not returned
The Australians are well going
on on New Guinea as the Americans
do in the Solomons. Widespread
airattacks are reported from the
Pacific. Marauders were also out
today bombing military objectives
in No. France. Details are not yet
available. Twice last night a small
number of enemy planes crossed
our coast and were over Essex. Bombs
fell in two places, some damage was
caused and there were a small
number of casualties. 
original text 0368  12/20/1943     
21-12-1943. 6.= pm. Fred. Allen
Homebased bombers were in very great
strength over Germany last night.
More than 2000 tons of bombs were
dropped on Frankfurt am Main
It was the heaviest attack of the war.
A secondary attack was made on
42 of our planes are missing.
At times more than 70 tons of bombs
a minute have been falling on
Frankfurt. The bombs included 4000 and
8000 pounders. The attack started at
6.30 and finished at 8. Our Mosquitoes were
over Western Germany and Belgium
and seemining was also done by our
American Marauders escorted
by allied fighters bombed military
objectives in Northern France.
............ of the see-air-arm
discovered some small enemy
ships off ...... in the Channel
which they attacked.
In Italy the Germans are fighting
back stubbornly. The battle on the
left flanks of the 8th army continues
The 5th army made also some 
original text 0369  12/21/1943     
progress. On this front we saw more
German airactivity. American anti
aircraft fire shot down three machines.
Progress in Italy remains slow
and tough.
There was plenty of Allied aerial
activity. Hundreds of sorties were
flown over the battlearea by our
fighters. Flying Fortresses escorted
by Lightnings attacked airfields in Greece
and also the Bulgarian capital
Sofia. 28 enemy planes were shot
down. The Americans lost 9 planes.
A military conference was held at
Alexandria where a Russian military
mission is now at General Tito's
Yugoslavian patriots total at
least 200000 men. General Tito's
personal influence is very high.
Well over half of the partisans fighting
in Yugoslavia consists of Serbs. This the
first time that Serbs fight under a Croat
The bulletin about mr. Churchill,
this time signed by only two doctors
says he continues to improve in
health. The Red army is exploiting its
break-through South of Newel where
again 70 villages were captured 
original text 0370  12/21/1943     
The Germans tried to .... the Russians
but 1500 of them were killed. Elsewhere
on the front some 300 more died.
A considerable number of prisoners was
taken. The Russians are now halfway
between Newel & Witebsk. The danger to the
latter place is growing on account of an outflan-
king move from the North which is in the
making and a direct attack.
The Germans are reporting direct attacks
N.W. of Newel. In the Kyef sector the Germans
again attacked. In the Kirowograd
.... 39 German tanks were destroyed.
Russian airforces are active and they
are making the best of the weather.
Sunday night Bangkok the Thay
capital was attacked. Repeated attacks
are reported from Birma by RAF at
night and Americans during the day
at the pressconference col. Knox said that
there is evidence the Japanese are evacuating
the island. Japanese opposition in the air is
negligible. In New Britain the Americans
captured the airfield on New Britain as expected
Yesterday Cape Gloucester got the heaviest attacks of the war
in the SW Pacific when 44 tons of bombs were dropped. Everybody
in Britain will at least get a pound of oranges
from January to April 
original text 0371    for Kirowograd read Kirovohrad   
23-12-1943. 6.= pm.

The bulletin about the prime minister's
health says that he continues to make
more progress.
Allied troops had the better of local
fighting in Italy yesterday.
The weather was clearest in the Adriatic
sector where Canadians are fighting with
ferocity in Ortona. Snow is now falling
and German counterattacks is very
stiff. Their pantsertroops in the
Ortona sector have been reinforced
by parachutetroops.
On the 5th army front fighting is almost
to a standstill. Almost all our
had to remain grounded
in Italy by rain and clouds
our fighters were nevertheless
active over Yugoslavia. In the land
fighting in Yugoslavia the initiative
remains with the liberation
army especially in West Bosnia
and Croatia. The free Yugoslav
radio has broadcast a declaration
by General Tito to the effect that
the Gouvernment round .... .....
at Cairo must be deprived of 
original text 0372  12/23/1943     
its rights. Last night aircraft of bomber-
command, without loss, bombed
targets in N.W. Germany and N France
There was a little air activity over
SE England when few bombs were
dropped Germans in Russia are
counterattacking. In White Russia
for the second day German pantser-
atacks are taking place. A
communique from Lord Louis
Mountbatten's headquarters at
Delhi reports local fighting in
Birma. From the extensive operation
by planes of the new ...... and
1 plane is missing. In the South
West Pacific the Japanese tried to
........ the Americans on New
Britain by airattacks. General
George Marshall arrived back in
Washington after a tour of the SW
Pacific. He went at once to the
White House where a conference at
which Leahy and Stimson were
also present, was held. 
original text 0373  12/23/1943     
28-12-1943 6.= pm. Frank Philips
No major activity took place along
the Italian fronts yesterday.
After a week of destructive house to
house fighting the Canadians have
ousted the Germans from the small
port of Ortona which is in complete
ruins. The Germans themselves say
today they have evacuated the place
This mornings communique about
the fighting in Italy speaks about
the clearing of Ortona.
Some progress was made by French
Moroccan troops as well as
American troops of the 5th army
Flying weather was better than for
some time and more of our
tactical bombers were out.
For the 5th day running our
Marauders went out to Northern
Italy bombing a.o. between
Genoa and Spezia. Not one of our
machines is missing. The new
Russian offensive in the Kyef
salient is becoming dangerous
for the Germans. The spearhead of 
original text 0374  12/28/1943     
Russians is directed towards the South
West of Kyef and the advance amounts to
to 20 miles whereas the Russians are
17 (?) miles from ..........
The speed and strength of the Russian
advance is a feature. The Germans
themselves report strong Russian
pressure in the ........ battle area.
In the Witebsk a spirited
action was fought which led to the
cutting of the railway running
to the Baltic and the South.
The Germans report bitter fighting.
German attacks North of
Kirovograd were repelled by the
red army. United States' naval
losses in the landing at Cape
Gloucester in New Britain, the
second one on this island amounts
to one destroyer and one landing
vessel. A bridgehead has been
formed. Three Japanese attacks
on the other bridgehead on the
island were repelled. On the occasion
of an award of the Woodrow Wilson
Foundation medal General
original text 0375  12/28/1943     
Smuts made a broadcast to the
United States.
Many thousands of workers
in the steelindustry return to
work in Chicago and Pittsburgh.
President Roosevelt gave
instructions to take over the
US. railways as the men had
threatened to strike
It is now said that Canada
supplies the United Nations
with 40% of the aluminium they
original text 0376  12/28/1943     
29-12-1943. 6.= pm.

The ............. and the air ministrhy
issued a communique about a new
action against German seaplanes.
In the Gulf of Biscay 3 German
destroyers were sunk and others
damaged. A blockaderunner
carrying probably edible oil and
rubber was also sunk.
It is now known that the cruiser
Jamaica gave the final blow
to the German battleship
Two new appointments to the
command for the second front
have been announced.
In Italy the Canadians who have
captured Ortona are pushing on
to Pescara through snow, sleet
and high winds. The enemy is still
losing ground. On the right flanks of
the 5th army front French Moroccan
troops have captured some positions
In the centre of the front positions were
consolidated. On the left wing British
troops repelled German counter
attacks. Our aircraft have been active
original text 0377  12/29/1943     
In Northern Italy our Liberators attacked
a railway yard. The Germans sent up
some 50 fighters of which 19 were shot
down. Overf the battlearea our fighters
were also active. We lost 11 planes and
a further enemy plane was brought
General Tito's forces had to evacuate
an island in front of the Dalmatian
Coast and elsewhere his troops
continue to do well.
Our Middle East aircraft are
keeping up their attacks against
Piraeus. The Russians captured in
one week territory which the Germans
could only take in 7 weeks.
This is a most sweeping Russian
success. In the Kirovograd sector
the enemy is launching attacks
and it is unlikely that the Germans
can hold Witebsk any longer.
Bombercommand Mosquitoes, without
loss, attacked targets in Western Germany.
The Germans announce a further raid across
the Channel on the island of Sark. The American
railway strike there ..... for tomorrow has
been called off.
original text 0378  12/29/1943     
30-12-1943. 6.= pm. Fred Dryswood.
Over 2000 tons of bombs were dropped on
Berlin last night 
original text 0379       
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