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fighters bombed military objectives in
In Russia the Germans had a very bad
day when except ........... they lost
everything they gained in their recent
fighting South West of Kyef to the
Russians. ........ was also
captured by the Russians who are
also within striking power from
........... It is in this sector
apparently freezing only at night
and thawing by day. The Germans
themselves report very briefly
although the loss of ..... is
admitted. They say that the hard
struggle in the battle for .......
continues. The Germans at Nikopol
are in a more dangerous position
than ever before. In the Kirowograd
sector the Germans attacked for the
third day running. A station
8 miles due North of Witebsk on the
line to Newel has been reached by the
Russians. The only change on the 8th
army front yesterday was that the
Canadians pushed a mile beyond
Ortona. A description about the
recent fighting there was given 
original text 0380  12/30/1943     
all kinds of weapons were used
including flamethrowers and
phosphorbombs . At times Canadians
and Germans were in one house
at a time the Germans on the first
floor and the Canadians below
who threw up handgrenades to the
Germans so that the whole house
collapsed. We also used anti-tank
guns to make breaches into the
ruins. The German counter-
attacks against the British wing of
the 5th army has died down.
Our bombers again attacked
railway targets in Italy North of
Rome and South of Florence. Our
light bombers were active in front
of the battle area and our fighters
also over Yugoslavia.
The Americans who landed at Cape
Gloucester in New Britain
pushed up to a mile from the
airfield there. The Japs are resisting
stiffly. Over Rabaul 8 enemy fighters
were shot down. In New Guinea the
Australians pushed 5 miles on in the
last 24 hours. 
original text 0381  12/30/1943     
4-1-1943 6.= pm. Frederick Allen

In Russia the first Ukranian group
under ...... is rapidly nearing
the 1939 border over a 50 to 60 mile front.
The advance goes on and the Russians
are half way between Bjelgorod where
their summer offensive began and
the German frontier which means a
distance of 500 miles in under 6
140 miles N.W. of Kyef the Russians are
8 miles short of the 1939 border
at ...... (?) ...... ......... has
also been taken.
South of Kyef the Russians are
swinging round Berditsjef
and the great Russian salient
is steadily being pushed out.
The Germans report continued
Russian attacks in this sector
The Russians are now 250 miles
from Slovakia and Hungary.
The Germans say it is not true
that there have been cabinet
changes in Bulgaria. The weather
on the Italian front shows signs
of improvements. In the Adriatic
original text 0382  1/4/1944  for Bjelgorod read Byelogorod   
sector the Indians captured some high
ground. The weather in Italy makes
fighting almost patrolling.
Flying Fortresses availed themselves of
the better weather and for the 3d time
attacked the ball bearing works
North of Turin. Beyond other targets
our light bombers attacked the railway
between ..... and Split.
General Tito reports that a German
garrison his forces have encircled
have asked for help. In all 7 enemy
planes were destroyed and 3 of ours
are missing. After bombercommand
Mosquitoes without loss bombed
targets in Germany yesterday
Marauders today also without loss
attacked military objectives in the
Calais area. After recent naval
operations in the Bay of Biscay
163 German sailors were landed
in Queenstown (Eire) and the
Germans have asked the Eire government
to return them to Germany.
In the South West Pacific 4 more
Japanese warships were damaged.
On the Northern tip of New Ireland
11 out of 30 enemy fighters were
original text 0383  1/4/1944     
destroyed and 18 more in an attack
we made on Rabaul. In all the
Japanese lost 32 planes. The Australians
on New Guinea are progressing
and the American landing at
.... has met with little

5-1-1943. 1.= pm. Frank Philips.
The offensive against military
installations across the Channel
continued during the night after
record attacks during the day.
The bombing of the Northern French
coast goes on without pause.
In the night attacks no aircraft
was lost and during the day we
only lost 5 bombers and one
fighter out of 250 planes employed.
More mines were also laid and
our Mosquitoes were over Berlin and
Western Germany during the day
yesterday Liberators and Fortresses
attacked Kiel and Munster. 18
American bombers and 2 fighters
are missing. A small number of
enemy planes dropped a small
number of bombs in South East England 
original text 0384  1/5/1944     
and were over the greater London area.
The break out from the Kyef salient
continues but more to the South than
to the West. After 4 days of hard fighting
General ........... forces stormed
and captured Zerkow. The ground is in
a dreadful state \and his men had to
wade through slush. The capture was
completed yesterday. The only active else-
where from the front is reported from the
Newel sector where the line Newel-
..... ...... has been cleared.
The Germans say that it's not true
that General Franco has called the
Spanish troops back.
In Italy Indian troops captured
a commanding position in the
Adriatic sector whereas the 5th army
also captured an important
position. The weather remains bad.
Railway targets South of Sofia were
bombed whereas our light bombers were
over Yugoslavia. General Tito's reported
today that the German offensive is
....... has been smashed but that the
Germans are massing troops in Central 
original text 0385  1/5/1944     
Bosnia. In New Guinea the Australians are
gaining ground. Frank Faro the Australian
minister said that Australian Army
casualties since the outbreak of the war
are 5...890 viz. 25895 prisoners, 10884
killed, 15332 wounded and 3789 missing.
Lemons, real lemons from Sicily will
here be soon. The first consignment goes
to the North and one lemon per head
will be available. For the first time in 2
years Spanish onions will also be
available in the North viz. 1 lb. per
head. The double ration of dried egg is
to continue. 
original text 0386  1/5/1944     
6/1/1943. 1.= pm Stewart Hibbard

The Baltic port of Stettin was heavily raided
in bright moonlight last night by aircraft of
bomber command.
Our Mosquitoes kept the sirens going
in Berlin and were also over Western
Germany and Northern France.
In all 15 of our planes are missing.
The trip to Stettin made a round
flight of 1200 miles. Stettin is the main
port of supply for the North Russian
During the raid on Kiel and attacks on France
yesterday 95 enemy planes in all were
destroyed. 25 of our bombers and 12
fighters are missing.
In Italy stiff fighting takes place in the
Adriatic coastal sector. Troops of the
5th army are fighting stiffly in San .......
On Tuesday night a chemical plant was
bombed and one plane is missing
from that raid. Monday night
our destroyers in the Adriatic
bombarded an Italian position on the
East coast 120 (?) miles North of Ortona. 
original text 0387  1/6/1944     
New good results are reported by our
submarines which have sunk 8 ships
and damaged more. Berditchew fell to
the Russians yesterday and is a large
railway junction. Troops of .........'s
army are within 40 miles from the
railway to Odessa and 60 more
villages and town were taken.
In this sector the Germans lost 40000
men yesterday. The situation for
the Germans in the Dnjepr bent
becomes more critical. Advances
are reported from the Newel sector.
Benesj has arrived back in London
and all his ministers were there
to meet him on his arrival.
American Marines at Cape
Gloucester have beaten off another
Japanese counterattack . In the
daily raids on Rabaul 6 Japanese
fighters ................. were shot
down. No important changes are
reported by General Tito. A description
about the events of the S. African major
Valentine who escaped as a prisoner
of war in Italian hands to the Yugoslav
partisans was read by Morris Shillington 
original text 0388  1/6/1944  for Berditchew read Berdichen [Berdychiv]  Edvard Beneš 
8/1/1943. 1.= pm Fred Gripwood

American troops of the 5th army
have captured San ........ after 2 days
of heavy street fighting.
The advance along the 10 miles front
continues. Sharp patrolling takes
placer on the 8th army front.
Maribor South of the Austrian border
in Yugoslavia with its aircraft factory
was bombed as well as Fiume near
the Italian - Yugoslav border where
railway yards were attacked. Airfields
North of Rome were also bombed.
whereas our fighters carried out sweeps
over the Yugoslav coast. 4 bombers are
missing ... fighters and the enemy
lost a same number. At Kirowograd
in the Dnjepr bent the Russians have
started a new offensive which resulted
in a breakthrough over a 60 miles front
Kirowograd .... has been surrounded
completely and the Russians are
closing in on it. Thursday evening the
battle raged at terrific intensity
Our Mosquitoes again without loss
original text 0389  1/8/1944     
went to Western Germany. In yesterday's
daylight raids by the Americans on
targets in S.W. Germany 42 German
fighters were shot down for a loss of
2 bombers and 7 fighters.
The pounding of the North ....
coast went on yesterday when 7.50
planes took part. Sloops of the Royal
navy have sunk 2 u-boats of which
one Northwest of the Azores.
In the Kirowograd sector the Russians
advanced up to 55 miles in some
sectors and captured 120 places
In the Kyef bulge Watoetin's forces are
still succesfull. Wissof (spelling?)
inside the 1939 Polish border has been
captured and his forces are within 30
miles of the .... line which runs from
Odessa through Poland to Germany
German losses are extremely heavy
and a great deal of .... has been
captured. In the other sectors of the
Russian fronts reconnaissance
activity and mortar and artillery
exchanges take place. Japanese
troopcarrying barges near New 
original text 0390    for Watoetin read Vatutin  Vatutin 
Britain has been sunk. American troops
gained more ground along the coast
in New Guinea. Last week's coalproduction
is 153000 less than in the same month
of November.

The latest Russian advances
narrowed down the pocket between the
1st and 2nd Ukrainian army and
increases the threat to the German
escape and supply communications.
The 5th Army captured two more
heights on the way to Rome. The .......
given last night by the Prime Minister
of Northern Ireland Sir Basil Brook which
has been recorded will be repeated
after the news. The biggest of the 70 places
captured yesterday by the Russians
is .......... and the Russians are
now 20 miles from ..........
the second army group captured 40
places in the Kirowograd sector
The 5th army made further advances of
about 2 miles on one point.
There is nothing to report from the 
original text 0391  1/10/1944     
8th army. Our troops are meeting the
stiffest mortar and artillery fire in
Italy so far. One enemy plane has been
destroyed and one of ours is missing.
A communique from 10 Downing
Street reports that General Sir Henry
Maitland Wilson has assumed duty
in the Mediterranean zone from last
Saturday. The Americans who landed
on ........ ....... 11 miles of the coast
and the Australians are moving to
them. On New Britain the American
marines have reformed for the 2nd
time to make an attack on the Japanese
who suffered heavy losses. Allied losses
were 7 planes during the day and 10
Japanese planes were destroyed.
A big fall is recorded in the number
of death by influenza during the
last weeks of the old year amounting
to 464. A comment was given
on the war in the Atlantic. 
original text 0392  1/10/1944     
12/1/1943. 1.= pm.
In Italy the 5th army made hard fought
progress towards Cassino.
The advance of the British and American
troops of the 5th army continues and
some more high ground was seized
A considerable force of our bombers
attacked Piraeus the harbour of Athens
and also yesterday night
There is no further news about the raid by
the Americans on North West Germany
yesterday but it is reported that the bombers
were escorted by fighters including some
new American Mustangs of exceptional
performance especially at high
altitudes. From American side
the bomber........ described as a
great armada and violent airbattles
took place which lasted for over 3 hours and
...... all the way from coast to target and
back again when swarms of fighters were
encountered. On the Dalmatian coast
our fighterbombers attacked ships.
The enemy lost 11 machines in Italy and
7 of ours are missing. The Germans, as ourt
correspondent in Italy reports, seem 
original text 0393  1/12/1944     
anxious to avoid a breakthrough
at Cassino and they are throwing in
every available man and weapon
Highly trained mountain troops are
also thrown in North of Cassino.
British destroyers in the Adriatic have
damaged railwaytrains on the East
coast of Italy.
The Russians are now between 30 and
40 miles inside the 1939 Polish border
and the Germans have lost control
of the Railway line from North to South
which is in Russian hands with the
exception of around 15 miles or so.
The line from ......... to .................
is also in Russian hands.
It is made known that in the Kirowograd
battle the Germans suffered heavily as
15000 men were killed whereas destroyed
or captured were 450 tanks, 500 guns
and 2000 motorvehicles.
The Soviet information bureau
announces that without doubts there
are still Spanish troops serving
at the Russian front. President
Roosevelt could not deliver his speech
to Congress himself but a little later he
broadcast some or a greater part of it 
original text 0394  1/12/1944     
From General MacArthur's headquarters
it is announced that American
marines are progressing in the Cape
Gloucester area whereas the Australians
are also advancing in New Guinea.
............. reports that this week
Monday the Germans took over
all buildings in the Danish
town of Esjberg.
Two Spaniards in the service of Germans
have been executed at Gibraltar.
Stewart MacPherson reported
about the Americans building
waggons in England with an output of
26 waggons per day. The size of the waggons
is of the continental type. The work done
is mainly assembling. 
original text 0395  1/12/1944     
13/1/1943. 1. pm. Frederick Allen
The Russians captured ......... yesterday
Chefaro 4 miles East of Cassino has been
captured in Italy where a new attack has
started on the right wing of the 5th army.
Today's communique from the Italian front
says that the French troops have gained some
ground. American troops of the 5th army
have captured a place East of Cassino
on which place they are now advancing
On Monday night for the third night
railway transports on the Eastern Coast
of Italy has been attacked by our
destroyers in the Adriatic.
Over Italy 2 enemy planes were
destroyed and 3 of our are missing.
In Russia a ne offensive, the
5th in 7 weeks has started and is
aimed at the last big junction
East of the Pripet Marshes. The Russians
advanced 9 miles over a front of 18
miles and captured some 30
places. The ..... ....... captured of
........ 40 miles inside the 1939
Polish border took place yesterday
The heaviest fighting took place 
original text 0396  1/13/1944  for Chefaro read Cervaro   
East of ....... where German counter
attacks by large tank forces failed
The Japanese tried to land troops
at Cape Gloucester to ease their
position but the attempts failed.
43 troopcarrying barges were
damaged off New Britain and
New Guinea.

14/1/1944. 6.= pm Robert Robinson
The 5th army is pushing on to the
Italian mountains. The total
number of prisoners taken since
the landing in Italy amounts to
over 8000. Our homebased bombers
attacked airfields.
Watoetin's army has now a 70
miles front over the 1939 Polish border

In Italy our line has gone forward
2 miles in 24 hours which as Frank
Gillard said is a notable achievement
having regard to the country and the
stiff opposition. Moroccan
unit were also active using the knife
original text 0397  1/14/1944     
in the violent fighting. 15 miles inland from
the Adriatic coast New Zealand
troops have made progress.
The number of prisoners in Italy
on December 14th amounted to 6000.
Owing to better weather conditions
there was more activity in the air
over Italy yesterday. Liberators and
Flying Fortresses as well as Marauders
and Mitchells raided airfields
around Rome and a number of
other targets. 70 enemy fighters
challenged our bombers and 10
enemy planes were destroyed.
We lost 5 aircraft. Attacks on shipping
off the Dalmatian Coast were
also carried out.
General Tito reports that the
greatest weight of German
pressure is in Central Bosnia
and the North Dalmatian
coast whereas fighting is also
stiff near the Croatian border
Italian, Hungarian and even
German units take part in the
actions of General Tito. 
original text 0398  1/14/1944     
one of the judges who condemned
Ciano to death has met with an
accident and has been killed.
Mosquitoes of which one is missing
attacked targets in W. Germany
last night.
General Watoetin's Army has
crossed the 1939 Polish border on a
new point and the Russians are now
from 40-50 miles inside it.
In the airbattle which took place
last Tuesday the Germans used
a new weapon which is said to be an
airmine. In Burma our troops
are pushing on to ....... and are
advancing. RAF and American
heavy bombers bombed the out-
skirts of Bangkok which was also
raided by American planes based
in China. Attacks were also
made on an aluminium
plant in Formosa. The first meeting
of the European Advisory Committee
under the president mr Winant
took place. Mr. Strang and the
Russian ambassador are also
original text 0399  1/14/1944    European Advisory Committee 
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Records 381 to 400 of 422