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members of the Committee. Lord
Woolton, now minister for reconstruc-
tion spoke at Liverpool today.
Due to low level of ao. the river
Thames where from London on
gets his water supply on account of
lack of rain. Londoners have
been warned to save water as
otherwise restrictions might have to
be imposed.
The advantages of the British gastur-
bine aeroplane which has no airscrew
were summed up.

17/1/1944. 6.= pm. Fred Dryswood

General Eisenhower spoke about
the fine groundwork in preparation
for the second front when he held his
first newsconference for American
and British correspondents in
London today. He also announced
that General Bradley who is 50 years
of age has been appointed senior
commander of the ground troops. 
original text 0400  1/17/1944    General Bradley 
Italian based Flying Fortresses raided
the Messerschmidt aircraftfactory
at Klagenfurt which is part of Wenen-
Neustadt. Hits are reported on the
machineshop and railway ......
Some German fighters came up of
which also some fired rockets. In all
we destroyed 18 enemy planes over
Italy against a loss of 5 allied planes.
In the Ukraine a battle of armour
is raging on a large scale against
Watoetin 's army. The Russians
report to have knocked out 130 German
tanks. To all purpose it is the
intention of the Germans to check
the Russian threat to the river Bug.
One of our correspondents in Egypt
had an interview with a few
with a few officers of the Yugoslav partisan
army who told that the partisans
reckon 3 German casualties
against one of them.
The first batch of boys who have been
under the new scheme for
work in the mines have arrived
today at their training centres 
original text 0401  1/17/1944     
For the new American B.29. bomber
the name of Superfortress has been
In New Guinea the Australians
advancing along the coast took a
Japanese base and pushes 3 miles
beyond it. In the Cape Gloucester
area of New Britain the Americans
took a hill. In Burma our troops
made progress in the ....... peninsu-
la. British and American planes
carried out several attacks on
various targets in Burma.
American bombers based in
China have bombed targets in
French Indo-China and also the
port of Swatau. A conference is
taking place in Canberra between
New Zealand and Australia where
the respective prime ministers
Slater and Curtin have spoken 
original text 0402  1/17/1944     
18/1/1944. 1.= pm. Stewart Hibbard.
Mr Churchill got back to London about
3 hours ago and immediately upon his
arrival went to the House of Commons
where he took his seat where he was welcomed
with great enthusiasm. He arrived by
special train and his visit to the Commons
was a surprise one. Members rose cheering
and waving with their orderpapers. Mrs.
Churchill and her 2 daughters were in thge
gallery watching the welcome given to
the prime minister. A report was read
about the reception of Mr. Churchill in
the Commons and the reporter said
mr. Churchill was looking quite well and
really fit. Mr. Churchill rose to answer
questions as well as a number of
supplementary ones. He pronounced a
statement on the war situation, also
on the war in Italy in the near future.
Both our light and heavy bombers were
active over Italy yesterday whereas our
fighterbombers were active in support of
our troops in the battlearea and also
attacked enemy communications
behind the front. The Canadians of the 8th 
original text 0403  1/18/1944     
army made some progress along the
Adriatic in the face of stiff opposition.
The 5th army captured the village of
San ..... 5 miles above Cassino.
The usual population of the latter
place is 7000 but our correspondent
doubts whether there will be 7000 now.
The is no news about our direct attack
on Cassino. Cassino people have fled into
holes and caves in the surrounding
mountains. The Monte Cassino is 1700
feet high. Cassino was a formidable
barrier on the way to Rome. In Russia
no longer German counterattacks East of
........ are reported. After 5 days these
attacks have come to a standstill. The Russians
are now threatening the railway 20 miles ahead
in this sector. The Russians are also within
15 miles from ....... and in the area of
...... ............ they are 30 miles across
the Polish 1939 border. In the South West
Pacific another Japanese convoy has
been smashed up. American Catalinas
spotted it at dusk and attacked it by
night sinking a 10000 tons freighter
and setting 20 supply ships of 6000 and 
original text 0404  1/18/1944     
8000 tons respectively on fire. At east 22
Japanese planes were destroyed against
the loss of one allied plane. 19 of these were
destroyed by Kittyhawks. Over New Britain were
the Japanese ….. To interfere with
our operations in ……. We also attacked
Rabaul. There is no news about the
landfighting. New Zealand and
Australia have agreed to work together.
First official Argentine figures about
the earthquake at San Juan indicate
800 casualties against the 4000 as
first estimated. The Russians are
closing in towards ……… 12 1/2 past 1
news ended and was followed in the
home service by a talk by Squadron
leader L.A. Nicholls. 
original text 0405  1/18/1944    the earthquake at San Juan 
19.1-1944 6.= pm R. Wessel.
British t roops of the 5th army have .....
a new attack over the lower regions of the
Carragliano river and have ....... 3
bridgeheads. The attack was launched on
Monday night. American troops are
keeping up their pressure on Cassiano
and beyond it. Cassiano is now under
shellfire. Railway targets in Toscane were
attacked by heavy bombers who were
escorted. A number of our destroyers have
attacked places on the ALbanian and
Dalmation coasts. The latets news from
Moscow is about two new offensives
started by the .... army and the news about
them is good. The fitrst offensive is directed
against Mariënbaum 20 miles west of
Leningrad where the Germans had 2 1/2 year
to make formidable defences. The second
one started some 100 miles South of
Leningrad in the regions of Nowgorod
The ... ....... in the North is still some
120 miles further South. In the ......
of ......... the presence of Spanish
forces on the Russian front was discussed
as well as the question between Poland
and Russia. In the SWest Pacific during
air attacks two more ships were 
original text 0406  1/19/1944     
..... and 6 barges destroyed.
From Birma widespread attacks by our
planes are reported. Our Mosquitoes
were over the Notwegian coast and
bombed a seaplane base at Stavanger.
The National Farmers Union have asked
that one of their deputations be
..... by the minister of agriculture
before the debate on farmers' prices.
The farmers want an end to the present
dispute and do not wish it dragging on
In the House of Lords .... aviation
after the war was discussed in which Lord
Beaverbrook took part.
The Government education bill has
come before the Commons for a
second reading.

20-1-1944 6= pm Mark Philips
News from the Italian front says that British
tropps of the 5th army have extended their
bridgehead across the Caregliano to a
depth of 2 miles. Argento at the mouth
of the river Caregliano has been captured
and also by a place few miles higher up 
original text 0407  1/20/1944     
and one 6 miles still further. Since that
.... the Germans have announced the
loss of munitions. During the last 48
hours the Germans made two counter
attacks which were repelled. The enemy
seems to have most of the 95 infantry
division and also some tanks.
A report recorded by Frank Gillard
was also ..... He said the .... ....
heavily .... and that .... troops
are meeting more ...... than ever
before in Italy .... ..... .....
... .... feels safely .... message was
recorded yesterday morning
There is no news about the ....
Maroccan troops in the ......
area or in the Adriatic sector
Our bombers, both heavy, light and
fighterbombers were active on a
large scale. 3 enemy planes were
destroyed and 2 of ours are missing
....'s forces reports ... ........
in Bosnia and Croatia where the
partisans have also cut an important
railway supply line in .......
original text 0408  1/20/1944     
... about the Northern fronts in Russia
comes from the Germans who say
they have had no ....... Nowgorod
North of .... .... They say they ...
to straighten theur line. 80 towns and
villages were captured on this front
where the Russians made a breach of 40
miles in the German defences. The loss
of Nowgorod is a very severe one for the
Germans. It is in Nowgorod that some 1000 years
ago the foundation for the Russian
state were laid. It was since August
1941 in German hands
.. .. piece of news is ...... in which
says that Marshall Stalin issued a
special order of the day announcing
the storming and capture of Nowgorod
Our Coastal batteries in the Channel
..... an enemy supply ship off
Cape Grisnez. German guns replied
where up on ours fired some 80 rounds
General Eisenhower and .......
have been interviewed by the king
one of his officers gave an appreciation
of ....... ....... ........
From the .... February ...... .... 
original text 0409  1/20/1944     
price of coal and coke will be increased
by about 3/= per ton. In the Commons
minister Bevin was questioned about
the new ... ... been selected for work
in the ...... (...... ) The minister of
Agriculture spoke about the future of
agricultural education in the
Commons. There is now no longer a
general shortage of food in Bengal
..... ...... and he also
announced that the Government of
India has .... ..... ........
the ban on .... by workers in the mines
compelled to do so by the shortage of
coal. The Secretary of the ministery of
Economical warfare announced
shipments of food to Greece will be
increased to 900 tons ..... products
a month. The debate in the Education
Bill was continued this morning
Allied bombers in the South West
Pacific heavily bombed Japanese
shipping at Rabaul. 3 ships were
sunk, 2 probably sunk and the other
3 damaged. The Japanese sent up over 
original text 0410  1/20/1944     
100 fighters of which 18 were destroyed and
15 probably destroyed. We lost 12 planes.
The Chinese mission touring the war-
fronts has visited Malta and is now
on its way to London.
The Brazilian ambassador at London
announced that a Brazilian Expeditionary
Force is going to .... training to
.... ... when training is finished on
whatever front the Allies need it.
8 more Dutchmen have been
murdered by the Germans
21-1-1944 6.= pm Stewart Hibbard
The biggest force of Lancasters and
Halifaxes .. .... sent out so far
dropped over 2300 tons bombs on
Berlin in 30 minutes last night.
Our Mosquitoes were over Germany
and in all 35 planes are missing.
The Berlin attack lasted from 7.30 to
8 o'clock when large fires broke out
and smoke rose to thousands of feet
above the targets. There was not so
much opposition from enemy fighters 
original text 0411  1/21/1944     
which arrived late over the and the
flak was .... so heavy. The Royal
Canadian and the royal Australian
airforces also took part in the attack.
In daylight today our heavy
and light bombers escorted ... by
Lightnings and Thunderbolts
bombed unspecified targets in the
Pas de Calais area.
... last night our guns fired across
the Channel on enemy shipping in
the strait being the targets
Heavy fighting reported from Italy on
both flanks of the 5th army
British troops on th eleft flank
improved their position. Our correspon-
dents say that out troops secured
Castel Forte this morning which place is
5 miles ... Minturno. ..... reported
that in Italy it is rivers and ....
all the ..... . The Germans are now
thorough with mines. Up the West coast of
Italy our cruisers and destroyers
bombed Terracina. On the 8th army
front the positions remained unchanged
our heavy bombers attacked 5 air- 
original text 0412  1/21/1944     
fields in central Italy of which 3 around
Rome. The attacks were carried out
by Flying Fortresses. The partisans
report from Yugoslavia that the last
German attacks against their froces
have lost momentum.
A Japanese cruiser has been sunk
by one of our submarines
in Northern Malakka strait.
The South East Asia Command
reports more ........our attacks
on targets in Birma. 6 enemy planes
were destroyed and we lost 3 whereas
the enemy lost one more by anti
aircraft fire. In Russia General
...... Army seems to have
with its attacks to the West and'
the other ....... army has
repelled German attacks. Vichy reports
that Darland has decreed that all
court will be ... as courts
martial to deal with terrorists and
bandits. A description was given
by a correspondent about NW
British frontier corps 
original text 0413  1/21/1944  For Darland read Darlan (?)   
24/1/1944 1.= pm Frederick Allen
Reinforcements and supplies are
flowing into our new bridgehead in
Italy. So far we have met very little
effective opposition ..... is in our hands
Our Mosquitoes were over Germany last

American and British troops and
supplies are now flowing steadily into
our new bridgehead South of Rome. As
reported by our correspondents it is now
4 miles deep. The weather shows signs of
deteriorating rapidly. The main
fighting in Italy takes place on the 5th
army fronts where the Germans have
reinforced their troops from Rome and
are counterattacking furiously
NE of Cassino the Germans pressed the
Americans a little back. The Germans
are throwing in wave after wave of troops
..... are ..... little succes.
They have not been able to drive us
from one position on the high ground
which we occupy. On account of the
threats ... .... the Germans may 
original text 0414  1/24/1944     
withdraw as one of our correspondents said.
We are taking hundreds of prisoners.
During the last few days 11 enemy planes
were destroyed against a loss of three of ours.
This reported from General ... that in the
NE ..... of Yugoslavia fighting takes
place between the coast and the ..... and
also at ..... . Our planes alst night also
.... .... seamining without loss.
Marauders escorted by fighters kept up the
attacks on military objectives in N France
.... after breakfast this morning.
The Russians kept up their pressure
between Lake .... and Leningrad
but their most striking attack took
place deep into the Pripzets Marshes
where they have now advanced 50
miles beyond ..... . West of ..... the
red army is now 60 miles inside the
1939 Polish border. In the SW Pacific we
sunk oone thousand tons freighter loaded
with fuel, 4 ..... ships, one patrol vessel
and ............... damaging others. A
report was given by Richard ...... who
said that british transport by road, rail and
water had never been so busy before. 
original text 0415  1/24/1944     
at the end of the news last night .......
by George Formby the comedian from
the film It's in the air was repeated.
Formby made a trip along the shores of
the Mediterranean entertaining the

26-1-1944. 6.= pm Stewart Hibbard
In Italy British and American troops
are extending their bridgehead in face
of gradually increasing enemy
resistance. The Germans are fighting
... allaying actions. Our correspon-
dents reported this morning that our
.... had crossed the .......
canal which is 10 miles from the
coast and they are now said to be
well beyond it. The Germans are
rushing in reinforcements which they
do by plane at night dropping their
men by parachutes. South of our
..... bridgehead the French troops
hard struggle for a height NE of
Cassino. These troops are Moroccan
and Algerian troops under French
born officers. 
original text 0416  1/26/1944     
  original text 0417       
  original text 0418       
  original text 0419       
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